Marc Edmund Jones has Miss Champion born in Emporia Kansas, a typical mistake since it is a popular place, but alas Maude was a Texan from several generations of Texans: Emporia is outside of San Antonio–hence our featured image of the 1836 Alamo.  She was the only girl and the last of three born to William Pinkerton Champion (1859-1931) and Iola Britton Champion (1876-?) on January 26 1898 (not 1897).  She married Peter Gottschling of Cuyahoga Co., Ohio.  Perhaps they met through the Theosophical study group there that Jennie Bollenbacher founded .  The Gottschlings had two children.  She died in 1964.

She is not listed on the late Donna Cunningham’s Astrologer’s Memorial so there is little else we can add.

maude champion.png

We set her birth time to the standard sunrise and that gives her a 17 Capricorn ascendant, of “Thumb worn holy books” that Kent McClung writes is about “piety” and the fidelity to natural obligations of family or attachment to a inspired duty.

Maude  has Jupiter in the ninth house of travel  opposite her Moon in Aries in the second, demonstrating how she had to leave Texas to find like minded people who could teach and help her along.  She probably also had a sharp temper and did not take any guff from sceptics.  The T-square ending at her ascendant highlights that she was probably a gift astrologer but with the south node in sixth house did not really apply herself.

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