Marc Edmund Jones lists him incorrectly as Louis duHohle born on January 25, 1903 at 7:45 PM sans location. gets the win here, with the right details of January 24, 1903 in Berlin, Germany.  De Wohl, as an astrologer, states that his birth time is 15:30.  To be honest, we disagree with his time and would move it Cancer 23 and two minutes later 3:32 PM. Nothing in the chart moves at all; just the ascendant, but we feel that is enough.

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While Cancer 22 has the SS of “a woman awaiting a sailboat” Cancer 23 is “the meeting a literary society. ” The latter has an implicit meaning of one’s continual re-examination of his intellectual and aesthetic identity but it is the actual explicit idea of a literary society that truly highlights De Wohl’s using his astrological connections during World War II to uncover information from fellow astrologer Karl Ernst Krafft, who worked for Dr Goebbels and supply it to the Allied Forces.

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De Wohl’s chart is a Bucket with a Mars in the fourth house handle.  Mars isn’t the most popular planet for being in Cancer. He makes a ruckus, but in De Wohl’s case his ruckus was against a dictator and mass murderer so it works.   His Pluto in the twelfth opposite his Uranus opposite Neptune can cause him to flee (Uranus in Sagittarius) from his native land because of religious disagreements — Pluto opposite his Moon also in Sagittarius agrees that his strong self-will chafes against regimented secular authority.

He was a prolific Catholic author, but Jupiter semi-sextile his Midheaven in Pisces supports this.  While a late calling, once he found him at peace with his environment (Jupiter sextile Uranus) after the War, he wrote only religious books and articles. Like Jean Baptiste Morin, William Lilly and Marc Jones, DeWohl found no discrepancy between belief and astrology.

The following movie is De Wohl’s adaptation of his book on Saint Francis Assisi.  Michael Curtiz, well known for his earlier Errol Flynn swashbucklers is the director and it is in glorious colour.

His autobiography is here.  It is worth reading and contrary to the Wikipedia article.

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