Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has Chutzpah

Bernie Sanders was born in Brooklyn, New York City, New York  on September 8th 1941, three months before the advent of World War II to Eli a Jewish immigrant from Poland in the 1920s and Dorothy who was born in the lower East side of Manhattan.  He went to James Madison High School in the Midwood section of the borough as did New York Senator Charles Schumer and Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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His mother died when he was attending Brooklyn College after which he transferred to the University of Chicago for a bachelors in political science.  He lived in a kibbutz in Israel and in 1964 married Deborah Schilling with whom he bought a summer home in Vermont.  They divorced and Bernie had a liasion with Susan Campbell Mott with whom he had a son, Levi in 1966.  Twenty two years later he married Jane O’Meara Driscoll in Burlington and adopted her three children.

                                       Bernie’s Chart

Bernie is a lipped bowl temperament type.  The purple line on his chart demarcates the bowl and the two planets on the other side of the hemisphere that make up the lip, that Marc Jones says is how he scoops up his past resources using them as proxies to create his experience.  As these planets are the Moon and Mars this gives him great energy, daring and a tendency towards bravura.  It can make the Senator moody and at times irascible, but overall, its influence is one that allows his emotions free rein and makes him say what he thinks.  The Moon tempers the harshness of Mars here so what would have been a militant revolutionary becomes more of a maverick with unusual ideas for the times.

Opposite that duo is Venus his Sun’s ruler and this hints that his earlier relationships were neither kind or easy on either party, leaving deep wounds that are easily stirred.  Conjunct his Mercury (not an unusual aspect as these planets can never be more than 76° apart) it does gives the septugenenerian some charm and affability and rhetorical skill.  But it is Neptune right next door to logical Mercury that truly invigorates and colours his mental view.

Neptune that florid and impressionible planet, fertilizes his imagination and stirs his soul, as the Senator  views all of life through the prism of social obligation reinterpreting it into his socialist philosophy.    Neptune is then sextile Pluto in the eighth house showing that he is very aware of his legacy and he important it is to him to be transformative figure.  It is then sextile against his Uranus, a pioneering imaginative planet, showing how easy it was from him to go from Burlington mayor to Senator with his wild eyed vision of what the future could be.

This also  creates a natural yod in his chart with an apex in the second house of Sagitarrius and its head right at his part of Fortune at 30 Gemini highlighting his romantic traditionalism, viewing a golden agarian age much like Vice President Henry Agard Wallace did 70 years ago when he first ran for President with his Green Party.  For Bernie this hearkens to the farming communal life that he experienced in the kibbutz, as good antidote to the frenzied world of Facebook, Apple & Google where one is always on and in touch.  His strong succedent or fixed emphasis in his chart shows that he is always futured oriented and looking ahead. but also says he has a tendency of hoarding up what he comes upon.

His protege, is Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez.  Recently, the Green Mountain Senator,  accounced his candidacy for President in 2020.  We covered that here.

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