It is hard to write an unbiased report for General Forrest because we have a far different perspective of the Civil War than what was predominant 170 years ago.  Instead, we are just posting his chart and commenting on the salient astrological points.

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Nathan Forrest was the eldest of twelve children and a twin with his sister Fanny. Neptune was not discovered until 1848 and that neatly coincides with his father’s death and his just push into the role as head of family partile the Moon conjunct Uranus — highlighting an unusual home life.

A few years later, later, his mother moved to Texas with her new husband; there is no record if any of 10 surviving children of her first marriage were brought along.

That setup, also works well for his role in the Civil War, cavalry charges against the Union forces, and again with his Ku Klux Klan founding that had a similar role against the carpetbaggers of the North coming in and buying southern land on the cheap (the original role of the KKK that existed only from 1865-1871 and was disbanded before his death).  As Neptune is partile Moon, we see here the mythologizing of what he was, and his purposes — shrouded in haze and mystery and some amount of fear and disgust by the winning side, his motives are always veiled and shadowy much like the Klan’s white robe working in the dead of night.

Forrest is a seesaw temperament type, shown by his successful public persona before the war as a cotton merchant and afterwards as a railway agent  (horses for railways).  With his Virgo ascendant, semi sextile its lord, he had a good head for business.

                          Asteroid Connection

Asteroid Mary  (his mother’s name was Maryam) conjunct his Pluto his Jupiter and Saturn showing how she was transformed from mother to co-parent after his father’s death.

Asteroid Prosperina, works overtime here.  First as she is 3.4 Capricorn she gives him riches in his career, but as the Italian Persephone, shows how he uses the cover of the night against intruders into his homeland (the South).

Asteroid William is partile Prosperina and highlights that his first son was William; his second was named for him.

Asteroid Sisyphys partile Prosperina and conjunct Mary shows the Herculean tasks he had in taking care of his family,pre-war, and then fighting off the Union troops.

Asteroid Armisticia is at Regulus, 29.20 Leo in the twelfth house, or secret enemies and covert operations.  Obviously his Klan activities.

Asteroid Ulysses S.Grant is at as 12.31 Cancer semisextile (associations) his 10.31 Mars.

Asteroid Jefferson Davis, President of the ill-fated CSA, fares better at  22 ARI 22,  next Saturn.   Asteroid Cavalieri (Italian for cavalry and horses) 26 ARI 34 is right next to that and then conjunct Jupiter shows his many ways of fighting the foe. Asteroid Robert E. Lee, head of the CSA forces, is at  1.0 Libra next to Hera showing how he viewed their partnership — he obviously based on Asteroid Armisticia did not consider Lee his commander in chief but only President Davis.  That Asteroid Lee is semisextile the small stellium in the fourth is notable, most of those aspects are separating but for Neptune.

Probably my favourite asteroid aspect is Asteroid Photographica, partile Jupiter, highlighting why there are so many Civil War photos of him — our featured one is amount many — he was very photogenic.

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