Fighting Cammille

Mrs. Adams met her husband in England during World War II when she was a firefighter; they relocated to the States after the War and settled in Maryland. There is no mention of her second or succeeding husbands. or what happened to him; that’s a mystery.

She reposed on May 11, 2011 in Bowie, Maryland.

Astro Highlights:

  • Moon and Neptune are the handle to her Wheelbarrow Temperament Type making her highly psychic/intuitive
  • She has a 2nd House Preponderance of Spiritual Consummation
  • Grand Trine in Water
  • Her Line of Vitality is Inconjunct
  • Her Line of of Motivation Sextile
  • Line of Culture Inconjunct
  • Line of Efficiency semisextile
  • Ascendant partile Mars
    • Ascendant 23 Libra
    • Midheaven 30 Capricorn