Her Royal Highness Queen Beatrix was daughter of Queen Juliana and a the German Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld. She was born on January 31, 1938 in Soestdijk Palace in Baarn, Netherlands at 9:47 am. Marc Jones incorrectly states she was born in Amsterdam.

She reigned from 1980, when her mother abdicated in her favour on April 30, 1980 (Queen Juliana’s birthday) to April 30, 2013 when she stepped down in favour of her eldest son, King Willem-Alexander, whose 50th birthday had been 3 days prior. She has two other sons, from her marriage to a German commoner Claus-Felix vom Amsberg, Princes Friso and Constantijn. Her family have the hereditary rulers of the Netherlands since William the Silent liberated the country from Spain in the 16th Century.

The chart is the official one, It has several highlights:

  • Queen Beatrix has an Aries 18 Ascendant. Her Part of Fortune is conjunct to it.
  • She has a stellium in Aries perhaps why she defied everyone in marrying someone she loved despite the riots in Amsterdam that ensued in 1966 when it was announced.
  • The Queen has another stellium in the eleventh house in Aquarius.
  • She has a Grand Trine in Earth from Uranus in Taurus to Neptune in Virgo to Mercury in Capricorn.
  • Her Line of Vitality is conjunct.
  • The Queen has a gestalt Mental Chemistry that meshes well with her mutable natural disposition.
  • Her Line of Motivation is sextile.
  • Her Line of Culture is trine.
  • She has 11 Septiles in her chart; only the conjunction aspect comes close with 7 which is interesting as septile is the seventh harmonic.  Dane Rhudyar disagrees with Marc Jones that they are fatalistic,.  Instead he felts that they are calling for a realignment in the person’s focus. 
    • Perhaps that is why she abdicated after 23 years in favour of her son.

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