Times change and so do the transliteration of foreign names.  When Marc Edmund Jones penned his Sabian Symbols, Sir Banerjee’s name was transcribed as Goorooder Banerji, today it is Goodroodas or Guradas Banerjee.

violet ouroboros.jpg

Unfortunately, Dr. Jones got the birthdate wrong, for he lists him as January 25, 1844 in Narikeldanga, Calcutta, India, but Wikipedia lists him as 26 July 1844.  Jones gives no time.

Sir Banerjee was the first native Indian to be appointed as the vice-chancellor of the University of Calcutta and later became a puisine judge, the name for a judge other than the chief justice,  for the Calcutta High Court.

The spiritual writer Sri Chinmoy  has a tale of the jurist’s great honour and nobility of spirit that you can read  at the Sri Chinmoy site.


We rectified his birthtime to 6:50 am for Calcutta, India.   This is a chart of a very esteemed man and is  worth studying.  It is is similar to Martin Luther (plus the modern planets) and Rudolf Steiner.

  • Preponderance by retrogradation (80% of the planets)
  • Grand Trine in Fire
  • Stellium in Leo
  • Preponderance in twelfth house
  • Ascendant 22 Leo — HS Uroboros in Violet 
  • Locomotive Temperament Type
  • Fixed-mutable natural disposition
  • Line of Vitality inconjunct
  • Line of Efficiency conjunct
  • Line of Culture sextile
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