This update on #545 — The tale of a modern Bluebeard — and is from the UK Spectator, December 8, 2018 edition.

The book review by Zoe Apostides “Vanished without a Trace” comments that the Landru trial was France’s response to the English Jack the Ripper, except the London police never apprehended Jack.  Richard Tomlinson the author of Landru’s Secret, documents Landru’s journey from penning love letters  to his future victims to proposing and then eventually luring them from gay Paris to the rural Gambais, his killing field for the magical day.

Tomlinson states that Landru’s victims were not the rich ladies that the Parisian police had posited and what we found in newspaper archives, but middle aged lonely women.  That would explain why finding Landru was hard — his victims  had no family and few friends to report their disappearance.  Sounds like a good book, so we’re putting it on our Christmas wish list.

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