C733 Thanks for the laughs, Penny Marshall

The time, date and place comes from Penny’s own autobiography. It’s incredible southern (outward) based bowl with only the Moon in the seventh house opposite her Martial ascendant at 19 Scorpio of a “newly formed continent.”

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This symbol suggests the raw substance of existence and suggests that it shapes the ground around her into a self-awareness of the opportunities at large. The keyword is Originality.

Penny has three planets in the seventh house of relationships and opportunities, perhaps suggesting her father (Saturn) and father in law (Carl Reiner), her husband (Rob Reiner) and brother (Uranus) who all were important in nurturing her career and comedic timing. Uranus could also be, since it is a asexual planet, her pairing with Virgoan Cindy Williams in LaVerne and Shirley, or her genius in creating “Big,” that wonderful homily to childhood and circus wishes.

“I’m sure people thought I got parts because my brother was being nice, and at first I probably thought the same thing,” Penny Marshall told The Times in 1988.

“But my brother finally told me, ‘I’m not giving you a job ’cause I’m nice, because I’m not that nice.’“

L. A. Times, Penny Marshall interview.

Trine to that is her eleventh house of friends and fans, the people who support your progress where we friend Neptune right on the tenth-eleventh cusp conjunct Mercury or her ability to make and capitalize on her dreams. Her Sun, is just moving in the 12th house at 22 Libra, or a “child giving a bird a drink from the fountain” and just a semisextile away from her exuberant and creative ascendant making that water that splashes its own watery world.

Asteroid wise Pandora, the ancient Greek myth of the girl who opened a box and unleashed a world of surprises, is next to her Sun, and barely conjunct fun loving Bacchus. Hidalgo in the first house is indicative of her desire to leave her native Bronx and go to Southwest for college. Opposite Saturn it suggests she needed a break from family ties and spread her own wings. Sextile Amor in the fourth, reminds us how she found (and lost in the 3rd) love there as it was opposite Apollo (conjunct Jupiter in its natal Lord) giving her a bitter taste of what her unflappable talent, & comedic genius would bring to her personal life.

Ms. Marshall was not an academic standout at the school, which she left when she married Michael Henry, a player on the university’s football team. “I must say what I remember most was getting married after a Brigham Young football game,” she told the Toronto Globe and Mail, “and all that was on television the whole weekend was John Kennedy’s funeral.”

Washington Post, obit.

Venus right at the midheaven in Virgo reminds us that “‘No matter how many movies I direct, I’ll always be Laverne, ‘ she laughed ” But that’s ok, because with Asteroid Hebe conjunct Regulus (conjunct Jupiter and the Midheaven) we’ll be laughing in our cups too.

Penny reposes

Nothing lasts forever and late at night, Penny Marshall reposed in her home in the Hollywood Hills, her daughter Tracy & family, by her side. The repose chart is of course an estimate, but nonetheless we see that while her natal chart was productive and external, her later life was all family and introverted. Her brother Garry died two and half years ago (a Mars cycle away) and since Mars was so important in her life, had to take a lot joy out of her.

Looking above, the transiting Moon is opposite her Ascendant but her Part of Fortune is opposite her natal Regulus and while none of it suggests demise, it does tell us that Penny was slowly closing down shop, preparing for the inevitable with resignation. We, her fans, cannot same the same.

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