Week of 12-12-2018 in Rawlins, WY

The tightest square is highlighted.

Mercury just went into Sagittarius and chattering abounds.  Listen carefully as some of that just might matter particularly with Hermetic planet square the Midheaven, but it is hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Too much music, too many things going on — Paris was on fire, is this the third  Nostradamus warning?  Theresa May cannot bring Brexit in, though she did save her own skin.  Here at home,  Michael Cohen is chirping like a canary for Mueller but Alan Dershowitz claims his songs are non-starters.  What does any of this mean?

The Ascendant 30 Gemini gives us little bit more fixity of purpose than normal, but Jupiter square Neptune is problematic suggesting that the times are making us a little edgy — too much is happening, for us to take in the bombardment from everywhere as personal, relationship and work responsibilities begin to collide and we still have no tree up for Christmas.

Mercury moving in to Sagittarius suggests that “health” news maybe the impetus for tuning off this holiday season and refining one’s purpose and ignoring the twittering of net friends.  If so, the  Rimmed Western bowl agrees.

Rawlins, Wyoming

And our thanks to the girl in the coffee truck at the Rawlins Wyoming exit that made the best cappuccino, east of San Francisco, one very hot day in July. We remember it still 😉

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