This post is an update to #576 the John L. Lewis nativity.  Here we will be checking our rectification against a known mundane event.

From the Sunday Wilkes Barre Gazette on June 4, 1949 the article is about a firebug trying to set John L. Lewis’s home on fire. Since the Lewis family was out to dinner, I picked 8 PM as that was a fashionable time to go out and be seen.  This gives the event four planets in Aries, all trying to start something under a 01 Aquarius rising suggesting  “an adobe mission.”   That particular symbol is hilarious as adobe cannot burn. The keyword, Marc Jones writes is “durability.”

lewis house on fire2.png

Pluto in the fourth in fixed earth Taurus shows the fire , but that gets wiped out by the Moon in Virgo (mutable earth) .  That aspect supports the image of  adobe or wool  woven into rugs  smothering the flames.

Mars is in the fifth that showing that the object was crafted with some creativity but its square amiable planets in the second that refuse to join the melee. Another interesting point is the mid-heaven of 24 Scorpio, more water, but what is so tantalizing is the image of “showing off scalp locks” or in this case the accouterments  (tassels)  of Persian wool rugs that put a kibosh on the whole thing.

The Squirrel in the next story was far more successful unfortunately. Alas no date and time of that one.

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