#J25 Alfonso xii, King of Spain

His mother was Queen Isabella ii  the woman who harnessed Neptunian energy by breaking all tradition and the rule of succession in being the first female monarch of Spain .  Her son,  Alfonso Francisco de Asís Fernando Pío Juan María de la Concepción Gregorio Pelayo aka Alfonso xii,  came out of nowhere.  There are no Alfonso’s i-xi, as Alfonso XII  begat the Alfonso line.  After him was his son is Alfonso XIII, but there is no Alfonso XIV, just a Prince of Covadonga who never made it to the coronation.

Isabella ii is a 28 Leo rising, the same as Albrecht Durer and Charlie Chaplin, “MANY Little birds on the limb of a large tree” denoting the multiplicity of talents one has, while her son  gets 25 Leo, “crossing the desert as the hot sun beats upon him, indifferent to the weather and lack of supplies, ” highlighting his self-sufficiency.  And his son, the 13th is 21 Virgo ” a girls’ basketball team” showing the need for team spirit and cooperation, while the unfortunate grandson 04 Virgo gets “two guardian angels” giving invisible help in times of crisis.

Alfonso’s  moon in 01 Taurus 08 in the ninth house  suggests his father,  Francisco de Asís, Duke of Cádiz, though fathered twelve children,  was held in contempt by the strong-minded Isabella 17 Scorpio 48, and felt he was no role model for her son (notice the mutual reception between Venus and Mars in his chart thus his father was kinder and more maternal than Isabella ever could be).   Instead, Alfonso had to create one for himself, using Isabella would not do, so instead he imagined what if Francisco had been more like Isabella, and Isabella more like a mother. Those lack of supplies did not trouble Alfonso with his Neptune in the eighth house of regeneration  and easily recreated for himself that he could maintain. 

Unfortunately, he died too young at 27 from tuberculosis, giving his own son no more of a father than he himself received. But Alfonso XIII adored his father, or the image he received,  from his mother Queen Maria Christina of Austria, who was pregnant with him with Alfonso XII died.

After XII died, his widow, pregnant with their son, commissioned a memorial in his honor.  She remained  regent until the child was born. on May 17, 1886,  King Alfonso XIII, who like his father had a Moon in Scorpio, suggesting like grandmother, his mother would keep the illusion of king alive for him too.  

This chart is unrectified from Marc Jones’s Sabian Symbols book.

We vet our posts for accuracy routinely.  This was one was revised on 7 March 2023.

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