There was an article in the New York Post today about Dakota Meyer’s poor treatment of his stepson, so I was interested in the boy’s chart.  Whether the story is true is another thing, who knows?

Tripp was born at 5:30 am in Palmer, Alaska on December 27, 2008,.  He will be 10 years old at his next birthday. His ascendant is 15 Scorpio, or “children playing around five mounds of sand,” rather apropos as he is the only boy in the Johnston-Palin household; he has two younger step-sisters, Sailor and Atlee.

The only boy

He is the only boy in the  Palin-Johnston-Meyer household; he has four sisters (2nd house Jupiter conjunct Mercury).Trip Palin.jpg

And a sensitive boy

His chart supports his mother’s, Bristol Palin-Meyer, assertion  he is a sensitive child  upset by Meyer’s lack of communication during and after the divorce because of the large preponderance of Capricorn in the first and second houses aspected by his focal determinator the handle of his bundle-bucket.  Ms. Palin-Meyer  did mention that his biological father, Levi Johnston,  now married to Sunny Ogelsby, with three girls of their own,  was now stepping up the plate and getting more interested in the boy.  This can  only be a good thing for such an introvert with five sisters.

We wish him and his extended family all the best.

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