The Astrologer Charles Jayne was born on October 9, 1911 in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, a town north of Philadelphia and south of Abington.  He studied philosophy at Princeton University, electrical engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and psychology at Columbia University. From 1961 – 1969, he was a technical analyst on Wall Street. Esoterically, he studied occult theory.  Charles Jayne was a Theosophist.

Marc Jones gives Jayne the birth-time of 10:43 AM in Jenkintown; Jayne says  10:39 AM.  See the charts below for the differences. Koch not Morinus format as this is an old post.

Jayne on Jayne
Jones on Jayne

Jayne’s major contribution to astrology was in the area of “progressions.”  His wife Vivia published many of his manuscripts after he died.  Jayne was a bowl temperament type like Marc Jones.

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