‘If you ask Google “when is Jamal Khashoggi’s birthday”, it will return October 13 1958.  Based on that, we created this chart using a sunrise birthtime and whole houses since we are working the dark.  Nothing odd about that but the chart is rather perplexing for him.  Obviously whatever we know about the journalist is either wrong or the date is; perhaps both.jamal october.jpg

The Facts on Jamal

What we know is that Jamal Khashoggi was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.  The Washington Post and the New York Times says nothing more, but of course his surname “Khashoggi” brings up connections to Adnan Khashoggi, the billionaire nuclear arms dealer.  Even with that information, both papers go silent and I could nothing further.

Adnan Khashoggi’s first wife, Soraya in 1979 – she was born Sandra Daly in England (Image: Hulton Archive)

The India Times does give this background on him, but nothing on his relationships (October 6 2018 when Khashoggi went missing).

Khashoggi was a well-known journalist, used to rubbing shoulders with political elites. He became friends with Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and had been close to Saudi royals. He spent years rising in the ranks of the Saudi media.  Later Khashoggi served as an unofficial spokesman and adviser for the royal family.

His career grinded to halt lt when Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman barred him as part of a widespread crackdown on dissent in particular and journalists as a whole. Mr. Khashoggi went into self-imposed exile in the United States, where he has a was a legal resident but not a citizen; he kept his Saudi citizenship, but became a  prominent critic of the Saudi monarchy in regular columns for The Washington Post.

The crown prince was often the focus of his criticism, with Khashoggi’s recent columns slamming him for “peddling revisionist history,” & jailing prominent women’s rights activists and for stifling free speech.  His friend Erdogan, who does not have strong credentials in any of these areas, supported him.

Nonetheless, Khashoggi and Erdogan are friends.  It raises more questions than it answers, but at least it gives us something to explore.  We discover in the Turkish papers, that “Khashoggi is an Arabic surname of Turkish origin.”  That seems to happen a lot in Middle East, there was also the Egyptian Queen Farida that had a similar background.

                                   Turks in Egypt

The reason for that is the Ottoman Turk settlement of Egypt in the 19th century as the tried displace the natural north African population with Islamic Turks and thus over years and interbreeding, the earlier populace would be minimal and they would have a solid control of the area.

In 1835 the British Missionary Herald (now defunct)  reported that “The population [of Egypt] is of a mixed character.  The great mass being Mohammedans, either of Arab or Turkish descent.”   Even that definition is problematic, as the 1911 Britannica states:

Greek and Roman geographers Libya (Africa) to Egypt  but others said that the Nile was  division between Libya and Asia.   The distinguishing features of Egypt are
the Nile and the desert. But for the river there would be, nothing to differentiate the country from other parts of the Sahara. The Nile, however, has transformed the land through which it passes. It pierces the desert, and at its annual overflow deposits rich sediment brought from the Abyssinian highlands, thus the river has created the Delta and the fertile strip in Upper Egypt.³

By 1840 the secular British Saturday Magazine reported that Egypt’s population was “about two millions and a half, the majority of whom are of Arab or Turkish descent,…”. Almost forty years later in 1878 the German Verlag Karl Baedeker described the Turkish community to be a comparatively small section of the population, mainly concentrated to the towns.

There is some discrepancy there, but Germany and the Ottomans were great allies, so we can take Baedeker’s claims with a grain of salt as they were trying to minimize the Turkish influence.  Nonetheless, as Egypt was under Ottoman Rule, we can surmise that the Turkish settlers were getting favorable treatment and preferences, and abetted by the Overloads in their rise.

                   The Khashoggi Family

The Indian newspaper,  The Print reports,

Adnan Khashoggi, the international arms dealer,was the infamous go-between in the Iran Contra arms affair in the mid-1980s.  (He died November 2017).  His  father was a doctor to the founder of the Saudi monarchy, King Abdul Aziz, while his mother was Turkish.  His sister, Samira,  was the mother of billionaire Dodi Fayed, Princess Diana’s lover, who died with her in the Paris car crash in 1997. This made Jamal Khashoggi and Dodi Fayed cousins.

Looking at Wikipedia there is a whole list of Jamal’s family is listed but neither his parents nor children.  We know that Dr. Khashoggi, Jamal’s grandfather,  had six children, two of which are Adnan and the other Samira.  There is another daughter, Soheir Khashoggi, who is still alive and reported to be 71.  She is fine artist who has a degree from Beirut’s Interior Design Center, and a writer.  Wikipedia states that she has four daughters.

Next is Assia Khashoggi a creative psychotherapist based in London (see the picture above next to her brother Adnan,  Assia is wearing blue).  No personal information on her is about at all so that is a dead end because he could have many more children via other wives, mistresses etc.  This is just a listing of his acknowledged children.

A still image from security footage of Jamal Khashoggi and his fiancée, Hatice Cengiz, entering their residence shortly after he returned from London in the early morning of Oct. 2.

So, who are Jamal’s  parents?  We do not know.  Adnan had eight children and a listing of them is unknown.  It would seem that Adnan or a brother is Jamal’s father because of the surname and his connections.  We  admit that his ancestry is much like the Lebanese Prime Minister’s connections, are lost in a maze of speculation and missing information; family sites are gone and found only  via the WayBackMachine but  even then just the index pages (the default first page of a site).  It is doubtful that they will ever release the family ancestral tree but we feel that Jamal’s father was Adnan and his mother was a royal doyenne.  Islam allows for  lots of wives, or technically as many as a man can afford, and Khashoggi could afford several.

Next is the problem with Khashoggi’s own family — his children.  Wikipedia, not a recommended source of information by any standard, states that Jamal has no children, but on Thursday, October 25, the WSJ was reporting that his son, Salah, also a reporter, was finally being allowed to leave Saudi Arabia.  There was no word on his or other children or other son, though one was  at the press conference,.

Sahl and Salah bin Jamal
Sahl bin Ahmed Khashoggi (not shown) and Salah bin Jamal Khashoggi  (shown above)  meet the Saudi Royals today in Riyadh, ..via Business Insider.com

                                            Finally, the Chart

The chart that heads this post is the one Google and Khashoggi’s Turkish fiance use, but Mudbreaker [gone as of October 29 but I copied the post]  states that date is wrong based on his passport.  They report that the true date is January 22, 1958 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.  Perhaps the difference in dates is because the Arabs are superstitious and know the power of astrology, but that is conjecture.

Above are two charts.  The one on the left is green for the January 1958 date while one on the right is the white with October date [the Saudi flag is green and white), both  are in the whole house format and a sunrise birth.    Mecca is 2385 km or 1482 miles away from equator but based on longitude it is in the northern hemisphere and Khashoggi was born in summer.  Saudi Arabia uses a lunar based calendar because of their Islamic faith.  It also effects their hemispheric declination change from the north to south based upon the the new moon’s station in June for the Feast of el Eid, a commemoration when Ibrahim (Abraham of Genesis) was willing to sacrifice his son Isaac to God.

When June’s new moon is significantly north of the ecliptic, Saudi Arabia  is in the Northern Hemisphere;  but when the new moon is significantly south of the ecliptic, they are the Southern Hemisphere.  Remember though that is a religious cultural observance, not as astronomical one as there they are in the Northern Hemisphere hence June is their hottest month.

Back to Jamal.

Using Mudbreaker’s  date of January 22 1958,, Khashoggi via the whole house system is 28 Capricorn Ascendant  (“a large aviary”) — using almost all other house systems that becomes 25 Aquarius (an Oriental Rug Dealer).  His Sun in Whole House is at 02 Aquarius Sun (an “unexpected thunderstorm”) and his moon is 27 Aquarius (“ancient pottery filled with violets”¹), a new moon at the time of his birth. Neither the Sun nor Moon degree change depending upon the house system used.

jamal death.png
Progressing  Jamal’s death  (in pink) with his natal (in Green).  Notice that the P.Mars is conjunct the N.Sun and that the P. Venus, his reason for going to the consulate, is conjunct his N. PoF at 21 Aquarius (“intoxicated chickens”).


  1. Violets in the Language of the Flowers means, faithfulness and modesty.  It is associated with the month of February supporting the Amethyst was revered in Ancient Greece.  Illinois, Wisconsin, New Jersey and Rhode Island all chose it for their state flower.
  2. Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, volume 9 volume Edwardes to Evangelical Association. pg. 80
  3. The photo sequence released by the Turkish government that a body double was used for the Khashoggi assassination.
  4. 23Khashoggi-couple3-jumbo.jpg

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