Our header picture is Nikki Haley with her family on the left and her husband’s on the left taken when she was governor of South Carolina.  Based on the poinsettias in the background, I imagine it was taken as a Christmas Holiday photo —  Mrs. Haley is a convert to Christianity but her parents remain Sikh.

Her temperament type is rather striking.  She obviously wants to be a humanist Splash temperament but she’s missing something, well just about anything in Cancer.  Looking at her Asteroids, we find that Admete at 5.18 Cancer works well so we’ll take it.  It gets the fantastic image of a “boxer skipping rope” (these are the trials of Herakles, and the need to be adroit but disciplines.  Admete here is the Asteroid is not the TransNeptunian planet Admetos, though there is now an Asteroid Admetos since 1960.  Both Admetoses are  named for the King of Thessaly, who it was said, was he best charioteer in the Greek army at Troy.

With Admete, Haley makes her splash, showing in her horoscope her tendency to complicate the easy and make things unnecessary hard for herself.

                                     Admete the Asteroid

Admete of the Greek myth, was the the daughter of Eurystheus who gave Herakles his great work,  The asteroid, discovered in 1894, is not readily recognizable, because it is so close to the Sun itself.  Her father Eurystheus has no asteroid himself, but he was Hera’s (her asteroid can be found at 25.9 Gemini  in the third house opposite Jupiter, the Roman Zeus) favorite suggesting some type of powerplay in Nikki’s  life between her supportive but ambitious mother and her more traditional father and husband.


Without Admete, discovered on 28 December 1894 by A. Charlois in Nice France, the Ambassadress is a double handled bucket, Uranus and Pluto teaming up in Libra to make things smooth.  Pluto in the fifth is opposite the Moon suggests that she is an independent minded person who resents control and routine.   That opposition gets a t-square at Saturn partile the Ascendant at 30 Taurus, a gold & silver ring with a yellow stone, that suggests her need to do something important but unable to make a break with bonds of obligation & duty.

                                         Say what?  Resignation?

Uranus in the sixth opposite Mars in Aries, gives her the stamina and quick mindedness to jump on opportunities before anyone else sees them and with a point focus at Jupiter exalted in Sagittarius, move, change or go to where that maybe.  The problem comes in that not everyone in her life agrees.

Right now, the Ambassadress has tended her resignation from the United Nations, her first high profile job; the reason unknown, but we tend to think her marriage & children need a bit more attention and at 51, she has plenty of time to enjoy them before its too late.  Bill Kristol sees it a bit differently.

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