Marc Jones says she is a German born astrologer, but after a lot of searches we found Dr. Lash as a contemporary of Danish-born Max Heindel and his Rosicrucian group.   She continued his work in Medical Astrology after he died in 1919, that we surmise, was from the Spanish flu epidemic,  most who were middle aged adults and Heindel at 54 was a bit on the high side of that mark.  Still if he had underlying health issues, that would have weakened his system, the flu would have had a good threshold to work from.

dr lash.png
from Memoirs About Max Heindel And The Rosicrucian Fellowship

Dr. Lash is a bowl temperament type, that clings to the Western or resourceful side of the chart. Her ascendant is 06 Scorpio, “drawings a prehistoric bird” highlighting her strong desire to extend her horizons into the unknown past that unknowingly open doors into another world and makes empathetic connections to her former perspective.

This is supported by the translation of light between her Moon and Venus, both in Scorpio opposing her Neptune at her midheaven.  The point focus is at her ascendant, and being out the outlier for her visionary gifts.  Dr. Lash has a preponderance of planets in the second house probably making her rather a physically striking lady with perhaps luminous eyes, while Uranus in the second house in wide conjunction to the Sun shows that she unusual ideas about health and medicine and its cure.

The header picture is of her hometown Bornhof Mecklenburg, Germany that is in Northern Germany and like so many nativities we have done, on the Prussian near the  North Sea and south of Denmark. Nothing other than the excerpt above could be found.mechklenburg


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