Hindenburg was the son of a Prussian officer of old Prussian Junker stock but his mother was not. He was a cadet at the age of 11, and served in the Austro-Prussian (Seven Weeks’) War of 1866 and in the Franco-German War of 1870–71 that Germany won and General Fochs his WWI adversary lamented. . He retired as a general in 1911 after an honourable but not especially distinguished career.

Hindenburg was called back into service in August 1914 to be the nominal superior of fellow Prussian Major General Erich Ludendorff and drive a German force from East Prussia into nearby Russia. Hindenburg got credit and the nation’s applause and his Jupiter being exalted in Cancer in relationships proved once again to be an asset.  Soon Hindenburg’s standing overshadowed that of Kaiser Wilhelm II and he was promoted to the rank of field marshal, and in 1916 the emperor was pressured into giving him command of all German land forces, and Ludendorff his chief aide.

Unable to win the war on land, the duo tried starving Britain into surrender by unrestricted submarine warfare, by that backfired for instead it drew the United States into the war via the shelling of the Lusitania and the death of Elbert Hubbard. This brought Germany, its ultimate defeat, and once again  Hindenburg sidestepped that and gave it to Ludendorff .

                                                    The Lusitania and the twos

There are some interesting things about von Hindenburg. First where he was born in Pozan Prussia is now Poland but more importantly, he shares his birthday, albeit four years earlier, with his War adversary, Ferdinand Foch.  Below is a bi-wheel of the two commanders for history buffs. It is rather cool that their birthday number is two the esoteric symbol of polarity, Two suggests night and day, heat and cold, inhaling and exhaling. It is the universal law of love and hate, attraction and repulsion and that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  For Hindenburg he was always saved face by having a good second, Erich Ludendorff, at his side.

Marc Jones has the Field Marshall’s birth time 2:59 am but we did not find it worked to well for his chart and rectified it 12:29 in the afternoon.  This gives him a rising of 15 Sagittarius. Unlike Foch, he has no Grand Trines much less two that the other October 2nd receives.


This time works well as it highlights his poor judgement — Uranus opposite his Mercury –and his inability to sort the wheat from the chaff. Worse the point focus at the Moon, making him believe that all his ideas are the right ones, which is probably how Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany as his successor as Adolf could not depose the well-loved von Hindenburg.

In the Chancellor’s ase, one wonders how did he succeed for so long?

That has to be attributed to his Venus in its ruler Libra and his Mercury partile to his Midheaven — he was well liked and with a preponderance in Libra, probably thought to be polished, stately and a quick thinker.  Also, as previously mentioned he has Jupiter exalted in the seventh house of relationship in Cancer.

His martial career was definitely assisted by his Mars in Taurus in the fifth, a sound placement that demonstrates his reluctance to lose — as General Ludendorff was to find out because of his strong ego. Considering that history is full of short memories, the appointment of von Hindenburg would have not seemed out of the ordinary and with his strong Cardinal chart would have given him a resume of 18 more years of experience than his rival Erich Ludendorff, who was also born in Poznan Prussia and an Aries, was lacking .

Von Hindenburg died peacefully in 1934 never seeing what his poor judgement wrought or his namesake zeppelin crash; some people have all the luck.

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