The Hon William James Cullen QC (9 September 1859 – 19 June 1941) was a Scottish judge who rose to be a Senator of the College of Justice. He was the son of Thomas Cullen, an inspector of stamps and taxes in Edinburgh. He grew up 6 Waterloo Place at the east end of Princes Street. He attended Edinburgh Collegiate School and the University of Edinburgh, where he graduated with an MA in 1880 and an LLB in 1883.

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Cullen joined the company of J & F Adam in 1884 as a writer to the signet, a specialist form of solicitor. In Scotland, solicitors were called writers as neither appear in court; only barristers appear in court.  In 1888, Cullen married Grace Rutherfurd Clark (1864-1943), from Manchester, England They had one daughter, and two sons.

death cullen.png
progressed to death

In April 1907 he became an unpaid Commissioner For Lunacy, and in 1909 he was raised to the bench as a Senator of the College of Justice with the judicial title of Lord Cullen, filling the vacancy caused the resignation of Lord Pearson. Cullen died at his home 18 Grosvenor Crescent in Edinburgh on 19 June 1941, aged 81.

transit to death cullen.png
natal and transit to death

The data in the Jones 1000 was used for the chart, little information could be found on him, thus Wikipedia was where most of the biographical data was taken.  Why Jones highlighted him is unknown, there is not enough information to make a determination.

  • Line of vitality inconjunct.
  • Line of efficiency absent
  • Line of motivation semisquare.
  • Line of culture absent.
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