#J831 Pretty boy Karl Schulze

It’s hard to be a boxer ad not want to get hit in the face. Sooner or later, no matter how good you are, you will run into someone who will punch you in the kisser and you’ll fold like a cheap card table. That is the story of Pretty Boy Karl Schulze, number 831 in the Jones hit parade.

Jones has his birthplace as Bremerhaven; the German boxing site says Wandsbek.  He was born on May 14, 1907 in Wandsbek, Germany at 3:30 AM according to Jones. There is no record of his childhood, or even a photo — we have pieced that together from his boxing record and chart.


Harry Stein;
there is no extant
picture of Karl

Karl Schulze was the 1925 and 1926 German Amateur flyweight champion.  In  1925 he was third in the  European Championships in Stockholm behind Emile Pladner of France and J.W. James from England. In July 1928 he began his professional career in Berlin.  His career started off with a technical knockout (when the referee gives 10 counts for the boxer to get back on his feet; when he doesn’t because he realizes he is licked he shakes his head no and a TKO is scored; this can also happen if the fighters face is gnashed, and he is bleeding) against Urban Grass  in the second round.

Two months later, Schulze lost twice to Harry Stein, both times on points. In January 1929 he won the German flyweight championship over Erich Kohler by a knockout but later that same year he lost his title because of weight problems (Neptune in Cancer) and had to go up a class to bantamweight (the difference in division is about 15 pounds).

The River Elbe is marked in red. Wandsbek is near Hamburg

After some rough times, Schulze was back.  In the autumn of 1929 Karl won the  German championship and retained that until July 1930. There is little information on him, from then to his 1932 bout against the undefeated Richard Stegemann: he lost both matches.

On October 21, 1932, Schulze went south to Stuttgart for a tournament,  Here Hans Schiller knocked him out in the third and his short career was over.  There was nothing more about him until 1935,  where while swimming in the Elbe, Schulze drowned.

Boxing with Schulze

Schulze had talent as a western-based bowl: he has the asteroid Toro next to Jupiter in the fourth house and with Tisiphone (one of the three Ancient Greek goddesses of Furies symbolizing vengeance) coupled with the North Node at 25 Cancer 13, he had a bad temper and a punch to match. But with Venus in his first house next to his Ascendant — a vain boxer is an anathema to the sport no matter how hard that exalted Mars in Capricorn maybe, and his Mercury in a close sextile to Jupiter (which is square a good drinking buddy Neptune) suggests he liked to party in beer halls, hard.

Uranus in Capricorn is an oxymoron, for while Schulze may reach his utmost goals, at the last moment he will get cold feet and run away. This is probably abetted by his South Node there but it is difficult to ignore Uranus in the tenth opposing Neptune in Cancer (and square Jupiter remember) doubles down on alcohol problems. Neptune is conjunct Jupiter could also intimate drowning.

Schulze with the Bremerhaven birth place.


For reasons unbeknownst to us, Bremerhaven and Wandsbek came up as west of GMT in the original post. We caught it when reviewing the essays and noticed the longitude data, though the chart itself was correct.  Wandsbek is near Hamburg, now part of Central European Time Zone, and one hour east of Greenwich. The new charts and reports reflect this change.

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