Grassley is an ex-democrat who changed parties in 1981 with the Reagan blue wave.  He is the senior senator from his home state of Iowa.  Married in 1951, he and his wife of 66 years have five children.  He is the chairman of the Judiciary Committee reviewing the Kavanaugh-Ford allegations.


Grassley’s chart is very similar to the previous Alan Alda post.  Again both are see-saw temperaments but where Alda had all three generational planets in the east, Grasley has only two plus Saturn in the fourth, and again the west side shows his public persona full of charm and urbanity (a major difference from Alda) while the east side shows a tough father who is methodical and scrupulous in his private life.


Uranus is opposite his Ascendant that is ruled by Venus.  This aspect suggests a restlessness in his personal relationship, like the Democrat-Republican change where he is never satisfied.  For Grassley, relationships never measure up to his noble aspirations, and probably why he changed careers so often before settling on the Senate.  Most notable, at least in the Kavanaugh case, is his tendency to sit on the “fence” because of this opposite and avoid a definiteness in opinion or a rush to judgement — he wants to be seen as fair and unbiased to the point where is probably at odds with himself.  This would be true in his marriage, despite its longevity, as well.

  1. Grassley’s life of vitality is semisextile, showing a long healthy life.
  2. He has no line of efficiency naturally enough.
  3. His line of motivation is trine another resemblance to Alda,  making him a chameleon whose true inner core is hidden by the vagaries of his environment.  This though that makes sense, as so much of politics as copied Hollywood in pandering to the public and their associates and giving a youthful appearance despite their age — seethe official portrait above.
  4. His line of Social significance is inconjunct.  Despite the disharmony in this aspect, it bridges the two portions of his chart together much like President Herbert Hoover’s chart does showing that his ability to communicate in his personal life, does not carry through to his public persona thus making his  self-integration rather disjunctive.

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