#J490 King of Italy, Umberto II

This chart was already rectified by someone.  There is no mention in Kepler by whom, but we are accepting it.  Marc Jones has the correct date and place, the Royal Palace at Raconghi, Italia but no place.  he also refers him to Prince Umberto and not King Umberto the II.  While King Umberto does have two oppositions in his chart they are not squared to each so he does not have a Cosmic Cross in his chart.

The grey opposition from Saturn in Aquarius to Mars in Leo has a point focus in Jupiter on the 12th house cusp, almost making him a shadow ruler of his country as he was so overwhelmed by his father (Saturn’s)  fascist leanings.  The second opposition shows how much his life was changed by these circumstances out of his control culminating in his part of fortune at 20 Scorpio.  Finally, via this chart, he no preponderance anywhere in his because of his mandated exiled from his home country.

king umberto.png

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