This is the data from Elbert Zain’s book. He felt strongly that Dyer did it. Maybe but we felt that the time was off and rectified it to 8:30 that morning and got this. Dyer has a fixed trine in his chart and mutable cosmic cross. If you look at the aspectarian below you will notice he has few squares making this a weak chart.

dyer murders.png

So the question is does that indict him? His great niece, a former lawyer, believes he did not.  Based on the chart do you think he strangled Madeline Everett, 7, her sister Melba aged 9, and their playmate, Jeanette Stephens on June 26 1937.  It should be noted that an alternate year (1905) is being posited for Dyer as well.

albert dyer.png

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