Jesse Louis Lasky was born on September 13, 1880 per Marc Jones in San Francisco, but he cites no time. has two rectifications.  One at 3:15 PM and the other at 3:30.  We are adding a third, our 5:30 PM.

moon to venus

We have his ascendant as 05.45 Pisces that gives him the symbol of a “wizard with a single eye,” highlighting his ability find his big break where he could make his fortune and create his destiny.  McClung writes that this symbol is “about the need to bring something important into focus.”

The Asteroid Poesia for his poetic longing is opposite asteroid Montana for Paramount, whose symbol is the peak of the mountain and mountain in Spanish is “montana” showing how he longed to do something big and conjunct Saturn, make his departed father proud.  Alas it is has a point focus at asteroid Siwa, or “sound” showing how Paramount missed going into the talkies and let competitor Warner Bros. make the big splash.  This and the Depression led to a setback for Lasky’s fortune, another aspect of his ascendant according to Dr. Gordon who says that 6 Pisces is prone to the ups and down of material success.  Lasky did come back at the end of his life and so finished on a high note.

Asteroid Franciska, for his native San Francisco is in Scorpio in the ninth house, supporting his creative visions that led him far and wide away from him. It is also opposite asteroid Chiron,  the healer who bonds with others to help himself.

Asteroid Angel for Los Angeles, the City of Angels, is in the sixth house where he ultimately found work and conjunct Uranus in the new field of motion pictures.

lasky icarus.png
Moon in Capricorn, and also his focal determinator, in the tenth where Capricorn reigns.  What a mixup!  It  highlights the vagaries of Lasky’s life in his desire to make something of himself while also helping his family.  This pressure to adjust the times and his own ambitions drove him on even when he was not sure where he going.

His dynamic aptitude, that area that drives him is the square from the Moon to Venus shown in blue on the chart, highlighting how the poverty after his father’s death was a strong motivating force for him, something like Scarlett O’Hara in the  GWTW scene where just before the intermission she holds us some Georgia clay and swears “never to be hungry again.”  For Mr. Lasky, he was always looking towards others to help him along, first the Alaskan Gold Rush crowd, then Cecil DeMille, then Adolph Zukor and then his sister marrying Goldwyn — someone to help push him towards success because his own his “poetic” and rather delicate soul.  It would seem that he was unprepared for life’s vicissitudes and probably only received the traditional Hebrew lessons accorded a son.


His parents were Ike and Sarah Lasky. He was Jewish American and a true opportunist travelling to the Yukon for gold & when that panned out, he then turned to vaudeville and then upon hooking up with director Cecil B. DeMille, formed a company called the Jesse Lasky Players with DeMille in Hollywood. Later he merged his player with Adolph Zukor and together formed Paramount Pictures.. In the late 20’s he was one of the many luminaries that helped found the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that produces the annual Oscars.

He was married to Bessie Mona Lasky in 1909 & they had three children, Jesse, Betty and Billy. His sister married Samuel Goldwyn of MGM and his cousin was director Mervyn LeRoy.

Mr. Lasky died 1/13/1958 Beverly Hills, CA. His widow reposed in 1973.

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