#J105 Jennie Elmina Bollenbacher

Mrs. Bollenbacher was born Jennie Elmina Whitcomb on September 7, 1864 at 6:40 PM in Peoria, Illinois.   She was an American professional astrologer  specializing in health and child guidance &  got interested in astrology in 1914 with the advent of World War I.

Jennie served as President of the Columbus Theosophical Society in 1939, but that is no longer extant.  The TSA only has offices in Canton& Cleveland today.  Her association with TSA is probably why Marc Jones, a theosophist himself, mentions her in his Jones 1000.   If you interested in learning more about this, get a hold of his book “Occult Philosophy,” from your local library or via this link.

Mrs. Bollenbacher  was an early member of AFA, and affectionately known as “Aunt Jennie”. She continued her astrology practice at Columbus, Ohio where her husband Martin came from, right  up until her death on February 14, 1947.  She and her husband are  Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus Ohio; her plaque beautiful in its simplicity is shown.


She is a lipped bowl temperament type scooping everything up via Neptune in the first.  According to Marc Jones, such a placement in Aries, would have made her forthright with a strong obligation to helping others through her natural gifts (Uranus in Gemini, fourth house).

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