Edward C. Caswell is #182 in the Jones 1000.  I could not find much on him accept this article from “The Villager” online.  

“It was an ant with a crumb twice its size in its jaws slowly making its way over the twigs. It occurred to me that if I was that little ant, the shrubbery would look like a great forest, and so with my face close to the ground, I tried to view the scene as my minute energetic acquaintance was observing it. In a moment the twigs became great fallen trunks, the dried spruce shrubs turned to gigantic trees with twisted branches and I was looking into a forest out of the depths of which a band of Nibelungs laden with gold and silver treasure, and even Wotan himself, might have come.”
— Edward C. Caswell, “Artist Draws the Narrowest City Dwelling,” The Villager (1933)


Caswell from what I could find, worked in the style of English artist-illustrator, Aubrey Beardsley, see the illustrations below.  Jones has him as listed as September 12, 1876 at 9 AM, that I imagine is a generic time.  It gives him a 29 Libra rising as shown on the chart above. This has the symbol of a “green sky with a water pout” highlighting the natives use of knowledge in a flow of events.

I prefer 10:54 AM with a 21 Scorpio rising that has the symbol of a “squirrel eating pine nuts” from the image of enjoying one’s life and environs.  Both though keep him as a See-Saw temperament type.  My version puts more in the sixth house than the seventh because I cannot find any mention of him, nor could the the Villager correspondent.  It would seem that a man with a lot of connections in the house of relationships  would leave a larger footprint.

caswell 2
The preferred chart for the artist.