We like most Americans were horrified by the murder of college student Mollie Tibbets, and so to honour her done her chart.  We have rectified it against her death and feel comfortable presenting it.


Certain things in her map do alarm us:  Neptune in the ninth of higher education and university study square Square in the eleventh of the public that as we saw in Lizzie Borden shows up in murderers and their victims.  Here it shows Mollie was an unwitting victim at school of some type of violence; the sextile of Pluto in the seventh to Neptune increases it would occur during some generational opportunity involving her dreams and future hopes (Midheaven) or university.

The Moon in the third, and also the handle to her bundle-bucket above, depicts that she was outgoing, talked to people easily and was close to her family and friends; in short, she was well liked.  it thought is opposite Uranus also in the ninth house with a wide conjunction to Neptune , showing that she was unprepared for the large social dynamic of university life.  Her Venus exact her Midheaven supports she was good looking, graceful and had a blind eye towards trouble — she did not see evil because there was none in her heart — making her a gullible victim.

She has a T-Square between Mars and her Part of Fortune that gets a point focus to Pluto, and she misses many other larger aspects by just a few degrees or a semi-sextile, suggesting as a whole that this was a life cut short of its potential and promise.

We send our heartfelt condolences to her friends and family, whom we believe were many.

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