This news item came from the Wyoming Valley, Northeastern Pennsylvania history group on FB.  I put together a chart representing the event wanting to see what it would resemble; that is above.  The most noticeable thing about the cave in is that the moon bucket handle works like a vortex sucking all the other planets, spread like a bowl, into it, creating a vacuum.  It is a frightening chart with a 27.58 Libra ascendant that Dr. Gordon calls “instability” and Marc Jones says “a frantic effort to cross the black chasm of ignorance.”

We are using the Asteroid Minos for the underground labyrinth that the miners had to navigate.  It is in the ninth house of travel conjunct the accumulation of earth’s debris via Venus.  Minos is then squared Asteroid Achilles, the weak spot, in Libra at 17.55 or two men under arrest, that Jones says calls for new methods of ingenuity to beat the rap.  Achilles is then square the Moon in its detriment in the third house at 24.43 Capricorn that also is the sole determinator in this bleak house.  As such, the Moon’s fears, anxieties and worries dominate as those below are cut off from communications.

Mars in the tenth is sextile Saturn in the eighth suggests that there were several deaths though none mentioned in the article.  Perhaps this is the after effects that can be just as traumatic as the event itself.

There is a preponderance in the seventh house of relations and perhaps hinting that many lost some and another preponderance in Gemini crossing the seventh to eighth houses highlighting the dual nature of mine work — it brings food to the families but the cost is high.  The strong mutability of the chart shows that the affect on people was harsh and cruel particularly as 21 houses were sucked in too — how did those poor souls get by?  Chances are friends lent a helping hand, nonetheless belonging cost money to replace and one does not get ahead spending good money after that lost, so the economic effect on the area profound.

You can read more about Poke Hollow here and there for why its got its name.

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