C611 Sophie Watillon, violist and Siwa

Sophie was born on December 7 1965 in Namur, Belgium.  We have rectified her chart for a 04.02 Pisces Ascendant that Dr. Gordon claims “gives her a propensity to service through the  material things in life.”  In her case that was the viola da gama, that we have highlighted this week in the Marais and Depardieu posts

Because we think you can never hear enough of great music, here’s another to inspire you as you read about the musician who had deftly interpreted the pieces.

sophie watillon.png
Sophie’s Grand Trine in Earth

                                        The Grand Trine in Earth

Ms. Watillon has a grand trine in the earth elements of Taurus (luxurious music), Virgo (precise playing) and Capricorn (sensitivity to its chords).  This grand trine is supported by asteroids or hypothetical planets at each point.

  1. Asteroid Hephaestus, craftsmanship, conjunct Mars in Capricorn in the Tenth where it is exalted, and Icarus, the desire to break through earthly limitations and reach the sublime.
  2. Uranus in Virgo conjunct the Vertex, that Sasha Fenton, writes doubles up the Uranian power and gives especial powers of both originality in form and personal expression in its depth
    1. .  This point is also aspected by Hygeia, Isis and Asklaphus, suggesting that her health was never the strongest to start and via her playing her found a way to transcend that by connection to the instrument, as this is in her seventh house of opportunities and personal relationships.
  3. The Moon in Taurus 29 is the only part of the triangle that has no other conjunctions attending it, but as a luminary, what more does it need, as it shows her innate love of music and how it was an extension of her body and soul.  This symbol has the symbol of a “peacock parading on an ancient lawn”  showing her sense of the dramatic in her life and playing.

Her temperament type is a Locomotive open in the northeastern side suggesting that she was a highly extroverted individual and very much involved in her career to the detriment of her family life.  Sophie’s Jupiter in the fourth is conjunct the Asteroid Siwa, sound, telling us that she came from a musical family, who understood her focus.  Also in her chart is a preponderance of planets in the ninth house of travel and higher calling.



Ms. Watillon reposed on August 31, 2006 in Namur, Belgium.  That chart, below, shows how her Part of Fortune, or purpose, was conjunct Sedna, or her karmic release point.  Another interesting aspect is Her

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