George Parker was a British astrologer who published an ephemeris, including heliocentric positions with his partner, Dr. John Partridge.

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from Parker’s Tutor²:   a Sun in Leo gives a large voice, broad face and a mark on the aspect.  An honourable character, faithful to his friend and just in his promises.  He takes pleasure in Warfare and propagates all matters and things tending thereto.

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Parker has a Water Grand trine in his chart from Jupiter to Venus to the Moon.

The top engraving is from Parker’s own frontispiece to his Ephemeris and a sample page of its layout.  Astrologer Ebenezer Sibley in his “The New and Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology”  gives  05:13 a.m. with the Julian date of August 9, 1654 at 5:11 GMT at Shipston-on-Stour, England.    What is noticeable is Sibley is using a wheel for his chart and not the popular box.

Sibley’s version of Parker’s chart.

Alan Leo in his Urania Magazine¹ uses August 9th too but  5:11 AM GMT. We are using Leo’s data because we think Leo is the better astrologer.  He also used the Placidus house system, while we  Morinus  we are just a few minutes off his placements i.e.  Sun in Leo 26.16 vs  our 26.12, Saturn in Leo 29.34 vs. our 29.15 and Mercury in Virgo at 23.31 vs. our 23.30.

the Tutor:  Parker’s Mars in Leo is a person indifferent stature, well fed body but not grossly large. Light brown hair towards flaxen, oval visage and full eyes.  Fierce countenance, quick sight, active and valiant but a choleric personality.  Generous and free hearted delighting in all manner of argument and warlike exercise like shooting, riding and fencing.

                                    Parker a Locomotive?

With his water Grand Trine, Parker has several conjunctions, but no stelliums in his chart.  He has one major opposition, that from Jupiter to Saturn, so he cannot be a Splay, as that requires none and he has one too many conjunctions, with no associated oppositions, for a Splash.  Slowly, we move into the idea that Parker is a locomotive with an open area in the South, suggesting despite his desire to be unobtrusive, he had a public personality because of his publications.

Parker has two squares to his trine, one from the Mars on the first house cusp to the Moon it’s essential ruler, tells that he could utilize his intuitive creativity to unleash his personal viewpoints.  The second, from Jupiter in exaltation in the eighth house, is to the eighth house ruler, Pluto, giving him depth to his expansive viewpoints — he did not let an idea just float away but wrote them down, and followed them through testing them by his keen eye of observation and industrious research.

the Tutor:  Parker’s Moon in Scorpio gives him a very fat and short neck, a broad face, black hair and ill proportions.  A dull constitution and one depraved of all principles having little esteem from his neighbors and fellow man.

With a strong first house,  and a Sun at 26 Leo 12 conjunct the asteroid Daedalus, his ingenuity was hard to be denied and Saturn at 29.15 Leo conjunct the Fixed Star Regulus there was also his ambition.  He also has a conjunction of the asteroid Sphinx 16.39 Leo conjunct Mars in 16 Leo 46. He put great effort into solving hard problems and Mercury at 23.30 in Virgo conjunct exactly with Pandora that showed how he loved to show his solutions off .

the Tutor, Parker’s  Saturn in Leo makes an “indifferently large stature with broad shoulders, big-boned and well put together but not fleshy.  The hair is of a light brown, and he stoops when he walks.  He has rough mannerisms and tends towards revengeful yet would be thought by others to be the spirit of generosity and nobleness in all his actions.

None of that seems much of a stretch, but Bacchus conjunct Uranus in Capricorn tells us that he may like to imbibe and enjoyed the pub house.  Venus in Cancer on the twelfth house suggests that he had a great love that encouraged him, but square Iris in the third, it is possible that this is an idealized love of his sister or sister-in-law.  That seemed to bring him pain as well, as Sphinx is opposite Eos 17 Aquarius and creates a point focus at his natal Moon 17.19 Scorpio

 the Tutor, Mercury in Virgo, is a slender body, handsome man, but a muddy complection, long visage and dark brown hair.  A sharp wit and notable penetrating fancy attaining to diverse languages, arts or sciences by his own industry.

It is hard to know who this was or how this turned out,  but the Moon in Scorpio gives us a clue of a jealous nature and perhaps suggests an unrequited love where because of circumstance he was force to remain just friends with her. Could this be Partridge’s wife, Dorothy? Or since it conjunct his Part of Fortune, could this be professional jealousy, that the quiet introverted resented his inability to to capitalize more fully on his talents, and so someone else did?  Dunno, but we dknowthat some type of jealousy, professional or personal colored his view.  As for who or which this was, that is a cipher, for true to his wishes  nothing besides his almanac is known.  He lived long and died in London in 1743.  As for his partner, Dr. Partridge, that’s another story.

from the Tutor, Parker’s Jupiter in Pisces, where it is exalted we find, “Here is a person of middle stature, the body gross, the complexion not clear, and skin dark complected with brown hair.  Temper and qualification is honest and just and he delights in good company and pleasant recreations with his fellows.  He loves mirth and musical instruments in the world and is fortunate upon water.”


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