The header image is from History Unrevealed, August 2018 issue.  His memoriam date is August 23, Julian style, 1305.  Since we did Robert the Bruce we felt it was only right to do him as well, plus the magazine attributes to him a great quote.

wallace via lilly
Chart with Lilly orbs and modern planets

With modern planets, and a execution time of 12 noon, his lutonian handle gets the Hyperion symbol of a “Mouse sits up to reach a bit of food. ”  McClung, an acolyte of Marc Jones, writes that this is an “honest endeavour undertaken for a great result, as the cause is large and its effect is large.”  He attributes the keyword of “Striving.”    Despite that, we think that 6 am and sunrise is also possible.  We recommend you play around with those two times and make your decision.  Drop us a line with your findings.

Whatever the time, since Pluto very slow moving, it is is opposite the Sun and the point focus (of this T-Square) is at the North Node hidden in the twelfth house or in the third for 6am.  Was he betrayed by a jealous associate?  The Sun is sextile exactly to Uranus telling us he was a leader, not always tactful and identified with a Cause; nothing here to substantiate trickery.  At 12 noon the Sun conjunct the Midheaven tells us that the English felt that by making him an example they would snuffing out rebellion; obviously that did not work.   At 6 am the Sun is square the Midheaven and now suggests that they were using him to build a relationship.

william wallace

As Uranus is conjunct Neptune, Wallace had an aura of mysticism about him, Gibson in Braveheart picked up on that with Wallace channeling his departed wife’s image at important points in the film, her being an emotional force that was evocative beyond time.  This is supported with Uranus  teetering on the twelfth house cusp at 29 Libra 59, and an image of a “race car painted green”; the keyword is audacity.”  We have to wonder, whose.

personal — shot of dancers in Edinburgh, Scotland

Perhaps we need to create a nativity for our Hero and get a better picture of how this happened.  There is no known date for Wallace.  Most sites and books claim 1270, and that is good enough for us.  After a process of elimination, we went with March 21, 1270 at Paisley, Scotland, also a commonly cited birth place.  That combination  with a sunrise birth gives the following chart.

Inkedwilliam 2_LI.jpg
The big I is inconjunct.  Here we have Lilly planets both outer and inner.

His ascendant is 17.17 Sagittarius in the first house, a promising sign that if we are not on the mark, we are close, for the ascendant there tells us that he was forward looking.  the read lines give close aspects, that we leave for your enjoyment.

download the wallace charts

A bloke in Edinburgh.

The Inconjunct between the Moon and Mars in his death chart, now clearly spotted, tells that there were men around him who were jealous of his popularity and believed that they could fill his shoes.

Mars is square the Sun at 29 Leo, that we know is the fixed Star Regulus, pointing to a royal connection. Gibson in Braveheart believes that  Robert the Bruce got rid of a formidable challenger; this chart would say he’s right.

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