This is a compilation of Marc Jones thoughts from his Occult Philosophy beautifully arranged and illustrated by Elizabeth McClung — her husband, Kent McClung, is a well known astrologer in his own right and the inspired writer behind the Hyperion Symbols, his update to the Sabian Symbols, that you can order directly from him signed.

Dip your toes into the Ten Words and become introduced to Marc Jones’ underpinnings of his astrological mind.  You can buy a copy here.

It has been a popular book and several have asked for us to sell it on eBay again and again.  We have a dozen or so left, all in perfect condition and continue to offer them for the same price and same 14 day money back guarantee — but we honestly believe you will like the book and not return it.  Nonetheless, look at the link above and get a shot of the some of the pages to make sure.

Drop us a line if you are interested and we’ll put up  a buy-it-now on eBay and make it easier for all included.  Thanks.