Marc Jones has Schmeling at a standard unknown time with no place, so we put in the Prenzlau location from  This chart is what we got.

max per jones.png
Prenzlau Jones at 12 noon

This is the time that has for Schmeling 10:50 am.  The hour does not change Schmeling much, but it is a rectified time — which we prefer — and does loosely fit his known details.

schmeling.png at 10:50 Prenzlau.  Place is incorrect.

                                         But it’s Klein Luckow!  not Prenzlau.

The International Boxing Hall of Fame, has the same day but different place, Klein Luckaw, that is close to Prenzlau and the Polish border (see the enlargened map below, G is for Germany and P of course for Poland.  The blue water above is the Baltic Sea where Denmark lies); the site has the same location.

max per jones.png

Changing the Jones map to there gives us this map; the time remains unaltered and we now have a see-saw temperament.  This is being supplied for those who are following along in the book.  We are not recommending using the noon time but are going with the KL because it has Max Schmeling Strasse (German for Street) and Prenzlau does not.  Chances are that Max was born somewhere along that street hence the renaming of it.

max schmeling strasse.png
highlighted map of Klein Luckow, Germany showing Max Schmeling Strasse.

Putting the time with the IBH place gives us the chart.  We are choosing the Boxing Hall of Fame’s location and Max Schmeling Strasse.  Not much changes from the Prenzlau location and when they are differences it is in the calculated points and even there just in the minutes so the degrees are the same, nonetheless we think the actual place is as important as the rest of his birth details and recommend this correction.

schmelling corrected.png
Recommended chart for boxer Max Schmeling

Max like others, see Dr. Frankl and the designer Givenchy,  who were affected by World War II has an intercepted trine within his chart, but the heavyweight is obviously a locomotive with his widest space in the northwest corner of his chart.  This open area supports that Schmeling had leadership of Hilter’s Aryan philosophy thrust upon him though he did not support it having rescued persecuted Jews during Kristallnacht (see Venus in the ninth house of religion and higher calling).

 The Black Uhlan

The International Boxing Hall of Fame short bio on Schmeling remarks that he tried to disassociate himself with Hitler but because of his tall, blond good looks and the Nazi propaganda machine, few in America believed him.  He was a SS officer during World War II that was also probably enforced because of his stature in Germany, but was quick to surrender at Hitler’s fall.

Like the other boxers profiled, he has lots of Earth but no water.  He also is separate from the group in that he has more air than any others in the Jones clutch and is highly mutable.   As for his nickname, Uhlans were Polish light cavalry, that had a fearful reputation because of their speed, dexterity with lances, sabres and pistols. They became the model for many general-purpose cavalry units throughout Europe as traditional heavy cavalry fell into disuse. The title was adopted by lancer regiments in the Russian, Prussian, and Austrian armies because of their intimidating reputation.

  • The Line of Vitality is conjunct.
  • The Line of Efficiency is trine.
  • The Line of Self Motivation is trine, obviously encourage Schmeling to go along with the larger prevailing trend  (i.e. the SS position during WWII)  for his best interest.
  • The Line of Self Determination is in opposition, thus Schmelling has all four departments in his charts making him an arrogant man.
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