#J297 Danny Cox heavyweight boxer

There are a few issues with Jones’s notation on Danny Cox. First he has him born in Washington DC while Boxing Record lists NYC. We went with Boxing Rec, and suspect that Mr. Cox was born in Hell’s Kitchen near Times Square. The Jones chart is the first in Green; ours follows.

A second issue with the Jones record is the time. Jones states 7:30 AM while we found 7:30 PM works better. Daylight Savings time did take into effect that year until 6 days later on the 21st.

danny cox.png
This chart is what Jones has in the book Sabian Symbols.

The DC chart is a bowl with a Uranus -Saturn lip. His Ascendant Scorpio 8 has the Hyperion Symbol of a “man not frightened by the danger of the moment.”  The Jones ascendant for 12 hours earlier is 3 Gemini is a “prophet seeking illumination.”

Our NYC PM chart is a locomotive, more indicative of a heavyweight boxer that has to stand up to a lot of heavy punches almost nonstop. We have Cox with the ascendant of 08 Scorpio opposite its ruler of Mars in the seventh – he was a naturally pugnacious fellow ready with his fist. With no air in his chart he was undisciplined, but with lots of fire and earth, he was strong and loved to box, thus these are good elements for a fighter but his record is uneven with a win-loss ratio of 40%.

  • His Line of Vitality is squared, suggesting he liked fighting.
  • His Line of Motivation is absent for he was rather undisciplined.
  • His Line of Efficiency is absent so he was rather self-satisfied with his work, but had no real ambition go further in the ring.
  • His Line of Self-Determination is barely conjunct, but does tell us he relied on his reflexes more than his training. Overall, Danny was a lazy boxer who relied too much on his natural skill, hence earlier on he had a lot of knock out success, but later on lost that same way. The few times he did win it was on points, because he was physically strong & he could go the distance.

We could not find any pictures of Mr. Cox; sorry about that.

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