FIU Bridge Collapse March 15 2018

bridge collapse

Six people died when a pedestrian bridge near Florida International University collapsed March 15, 2018. The bridge collapsed at 10:57 a.m. The astrological setup is a rimless bowl, with sixth house pouring out underneath — probably a good analogy for the shoddy workmanship of the bridge construction.

The Ascendant is 29 Taurus which is a critical degree — meaning that it will have an extreme affect on the people involved. Saturn and Mars were both in the eighth house of Sagittarius suggesting that the cement supports would be under attack making unnatural movement possible.

from the New York Times Report.

— Hours before the collapse of a pedestrian bridge at Florida International University on Thursday, the engineering company for the bridge held a meeting to discuss a crack on the structure, according to a statement from the university released early Saturday.

The engineering company, Figg Bridge Engineers, delivered a technical presentation on the crack, and “concluded there were no safety concerns and the crack did not compromise the structural integrity of the bridge,” the statement said.

The construction manager on the project and representatives from the university and the state Department of Transportation attended the two-hour meeting, which was led by Figg’s lead engineer on the project, W. Denney Pate.Two days earlier, Mr. Pate left a voice mail message for the Transportation Department about “some cracking that’s been observed on the north end” of the bridge, according to a recording from the department released on Friday. At both the meeting and in his message, Mr. Pate said the cracking did not present any safety issues.

The Transportation Department said the message was not heard until Friday morning. A spokesman for the agency, Dick Kane, said in an email that its representative at the meeting the day before, Alfredo Reyna, was a consultant whose role was chiefly to keep the project on schedule.

Witnesses said the collapse appeared to start near the north end. But no one, including the N.T.S.B., has so far placed any blame for the collapse on the cables or cable-tightening work.

By late Saturday evening, recovery crews had extracted four crushed vehicles from  under the rubble. Workers covered the vehicles in black sheeting and towed them to the medical examiner to identify the remains of any victims inside.

At a news conference around 10 p.m., Juan J. Perez, the director of the Miami-Dade Police Department, said five people had been found under the 950 tons of rubble. A sixth person, Navarro Brown, was part of the crew working on the bridge and died at a hospital.

“We’re pretty confident that no one’s left,” he said.  The Police Department identified one victim in one of the first vehicles as Roland Fraga Hernandez, and two people in the second vehicle, Oswald Gonzalez, 57, and Alberto Arias, 53.

The police said the first vehicle was a Jeep Cherokee. It was nearly flattened but still distinguishable by its front grille, according to videos by The Miami Herald and local television news outlets.

The second vehicle, crumpled almost beyond recognition, was a Chevrolet pickup truck. Cranes lifted the vehicles onto flatbed trucks, which were escorted to the medical examiner by a police motorcade.Mr. Perez said the authorities had “a pretty good idea” who was in all of the vehicles, but he did not release additional names on Saturday night.

download the chart for FIU Miami Bridge Collapse in Placidus format.

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