from A short unauthorized bio of Liz Greene

  • September, 1946, Elizabeth Leigh (her maiden name) is born in New Jersey.
  • September, 1951, Elizabeth Leigh turns five years old.
  • September, 1952, under New Jersey law at the time, Elizabeth Leigh is of kindergarten age.
  • Circa June, 1965, Elizabeth Leigh  graduates from high school, presumably in New Jersey.
  • Age 19: (i.e., September 1965 – August 1966, or thereabouts) Elizabeth Leigh was in Boston studying with Isabel Hickey.
  • 1969: From her own statement, Elizabeth Leigh, now known as Liz Greene, is in Los Angeles, where she and Debbi Kempton-Smith meet.
  • Liz Leigh had two marriages, the first to a Mr. Greene, the second to a Mr. Johnson.
  • 1971 or 1972: Liz Greene joins the staff of Shelter Records.
  • 1973: Visits London for Shelter Records, NYC.
  • 1974: Greene settles permanently in the UK.
    • Sources: Debbi Kempton-Smith, as well as Patrick Curry (Patrick Curry interview, The Mountain Astrologer / Mercury Direct, December 2004 / January 2005, pg. 13) both put her in London at this time.
Liz Greene's chart
  • She got a Ph.D. April 2010 the History Department of the University of Bristol, UK, granted her a doctorate degree for her thesis ‘The Kabbalah in British Occultism 1860-1940″
  • In this interview she discusses how she got into astrology with Isabel Hickey.  

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