This chart shows French actor, Patrick Dewaere’s natal chart inside and his suicide chart on the out. What is stunning is that they both have fixed cosmic crosses, or grand squares that met on July 16th and went boom. I happened to catch him in A Bad Son that should have been titled Gloom Doom and Family as there are no jokes but one (“As I was French they put me to work in kitchen” he tells his father when they meet after 5 years separation, “but that did not work so then I was in laundry.”) Did Thomas Keller see this and name his famous restaurant (French Laundry) after it? We’ll never know but the pun was good. Alas it was the only.

Dewaere was without a doubt a very sensitive soul, He has dreamy features indicative of Pisces in he first house — the heavy lids, the softened features and curly hair. He is a splash temperament type, a sort more than the rest that influences by their environment. That makes Dewaere more than most susceptible to the Method school of acting invented by Igor Stravinsky ( a bundle btw) but codified by Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg that because with the Method the actor is supposed to channel parts of themselves, or relationships that they have had, to use for the role. The Method has been de rigeur in Hollywood since the 1950’s, but it has spread throughout the industry.

In this case, Dewaere had a string of neurotic sad roles of unhappy men who just cannot connect. His chart shows that that fixity in his professional life was emulating his personal life too much and that he never had any escape from his troubles. fellow and that one troubled him so he killed himself when it was over.

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2018 06 28 1 26 01

The yod is not very heartening either: Neptune, a co-ruler of Pisces is conjunct Saturn in the seventh making relationships turn south and sextile to Pluto in the fifth, his desire to do avante-garde work was too “realistic” for him to bear. All of that comes together at the yod foot, the Moon, that makes Patrick quixotic but unrealistic as all that emotion feeds upon itself and into the Grand Cross,(in grey) for a deadly elixir.

Pluto at 12.21 Leo gives him talent; Neptune at 10.45 Libra makes him want to apply that talent in an enlightened and cutting-edge manner but the Ascendant in the yod brings “misfortune.”

All the shots are from Claude Sautet’s A Bad Son, a la Studio Canal.

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