Amatrice, the Lazio town where 236 of the August deaths were recorded, is close to the epicenter of the new quakes.  The tremors came after some 36 hours of steady snowfall in mountainous areas around Amatrice and Norcia.  The Italian Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology said it had recorded “some 200” tremors above magnitude 2 on Wednesday in Abruzzo and Lazio.

The first big quake struck at 10:25 (09:25 GMT) with a magnitude of around 5.3, followed at 11:14 with one of 5.4, followed some 11 minutes later by another of 5.3, the institute reported.  In comparison the great San Francisco Quake of 1906 scored a 5.6 on the earthquake scale.italian quake.pngAt 14:33, a fourth quake measuring 5.1 occurred, the institute says.  The first three were around 9km (5.6 miles) in depth, meaning they were dangerously close to the surface, while the fourth was even shallower, at 6.9km deep, according to the US Geological Survey.

There are no fixed planets in the chart and mainly cardinal.  Mars typically is in a cardinal sign when major quakes occur, but since it is in a mutable, that supports that there were no major casualties.  Rome did feel tremors, but held steady.

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