The first iteration of Yugoslavia happened after World War I when it was created from several southern Balkan Republics and called itself the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats & Slovenes, on December 1, 1918 in Belgrade, Serbia. Its chart gives it a 03 Pisces rising in the twelfth house, highlighting how much of the country was tied to tradition but also like the Hyperion symbol of an “ultra light aircraft” trying to transcend its history in an experimental creation of a “nation state.”

The idea was a flop.  The major t-square in its chart shows this with Saturn in the sixth is opposing Uranus in the twelfth highlighting  that the populace did not like being forced into a plastic creation by outside powers – the point focus of the Moon at 15 Scorpio (an investigative reporter in hot pursuit of news”  on the creative eighth house cusp).


Yugoslavia was definitely a “creative” enterprise.  It cobbled various republics from the fallen Turkish Ottoman Empire excluding only Albania,  by an agreement  from the Allied powers (the Part of Fortune at 07 Aquarius) but it did not get any input from the populace itself.  Instead the PoF (the treaty) opposite Neptune in the fifth at 10 Leo, like a flickering tv monitor,  relied on what they thought was a reasonable ignoring the signal to noise ratio in their victory jubilation.

king peter i.png

A short lived success,  the See-saw that runs this amalgamated country, could not agree on whether a totalitarian king would run it or a (Jupiter 14 Cancer, keyword Hope)  as they desired, or be autonomous republics.  The second idea was well liked because the various provinces had nothing in common:  Serbia was Eastern Orthodox, Bosnia Moslem thanks to the Turkish importation pogroms, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro basically Roman Catholic, hence the preponderance of planets in the religious ninth house — there is something for everyone in the amalgamation.


The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes ran along the population lines:  Serbia had the most people and it was given the most power and was first in the credits;   Croats disagreed.  In 1919 King Peter I who was put in power,  ruled like the Ottomans before him with an iron fist.  He died shortly afterward in 1921 at the grand age of seventy-seven, but his son Alexander I was no better.  The nation’s name changed again, to the “Land of the Southern Slavs.”

king alexander i.png

Fed up with the tyrant, Bulgarian Vlado Chernozemski of the Internal Macedonia revolutionary Organisation, assassinated the King in Paris France on October 9, 1934 , and his eleven year old son Peter  II ascended the throne. A Regency Council was established because the king was under the age of ascension, that led by his father’s cousin, Prince Paul, and the “Land of Southern Slavs” was officially changed to Yugoslavia  — Uranus in the eighth house setting up a Grand Mutable Trine in King Peter’s chart (see below).

peter ii

In 1941, Yugoslavia fell to Hitler’s troops and it was divided between the German allies:  Italy, Hungary and Germany.  This fractured the populace further, as now besides an intercine war they had a guerrilla war going against the new invaders with the Chetniks (disenfranchised Serbians) determined to bring back Peter II.  Their major enemy was the Partisans, who were ethnically diverse and led by Josip Broz “Tito” — the latter being his guerre de plume.

World War II  was over,Nazi Germany conquered, and things changed again  — the  apex of the yod at the eleventh house (first chart)  creates a fifth house (offspring)  midpoint and country was re-born, yet again, as Yugoslavia but this time by one of it’s own native sons:  Josip Broz of Kumrovec,  a small village near Zagreb, Croatia.He was an experienced revolutionary having fought  in the first World War and then was trained in Moscow in the 1930’s.  Broz rose up from the winning Partisans and took control, no one at the time knew of his Communist connections, just that out of the many factions bidding for power, he had the most diverse set of peoples and so it was assumed the greatest support.  Saturn, interceptedÂą in the sixth house of duty, is conjunct the fixed Star Regulus  has the Sabian symbol of “dynamite factory, ” & never saw that the worst was yet ahead.

the house that Tito was born and raised in.  A statue to the glorious leader is nearby.


    1.  There are twelve signs and twelve houses, and there always is one sign at the beginning of every house, but because of the earth’s tilt, intercepted Houses occur when whole signs are hidden within a house and so cast an unknown pall on that house. As the zodiac is symmetrical, if there is an intercepted house in the northern hemisphere, there must be an intercepted house in the south.
      1. Martha Lang-Westcott believes that the first decan of the intercepted house, which is where Saturn falls, is an unknown danger that the person or event is recklessly ignoring, somewhat like the sword of Damocles, but haunts the entity until it falls.


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