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On Independence Day 1924 in Newark New Jersey, Eva Marie Saint was born to Eva Marie and John Saint.  Her first role was in Elia Kazan’s on the Waterfront playing against Marlon Brando where she won the Best Supporting Actress.  The interview above discusses their introduction.  She was also in North by Northwest by Alfred Hitchcock.   Last year she attended the Oscars where she announced the winner in Costume Design and hailed her late husband Jeffrey Hayden who had reposed the previous Christmas.


                                           Rectifying a Saint

eva marie saint hayden.pngWe have rectified her chart to 25 Scorpio because of her soft but stubborn manner.  Her Mars in the third house suggests had she been an actress would have made an excellent writer, or lawyer. It is too far away from Uranus at 22 Uranus to have any impact on that planet or house.  Instead her Mars is conjunct Jupiter in the first house, right on  on the cusp there, giving her a zest for travel but also highlighting the self-poise and reserve that has been her hallmark.

Eva Marie Saint

The preponderance in the eighth house of Cancer is striking all.  They are separate a trine away from her other two water planets in Pisces, that gives her a creative potential that is best expressed through her work with other people — acting does come to mind.

She has no Earth based planets so she relies heavily on her instincts in dealing with strange situations.  This works well as Cancer and the majority of her planets are in the West, so she is not always in control of what happens to her, but through her joy of self-expression and ability to be good hearted and cheerful, it always work out to her advantage.

She has a Yod from her eleventh to ninth house both inconjunct Uranus in the fourth.  This gives her an aspect right near her midheaven telling us that her desire to excel was helped by the sextile to Saturn (an Uranus’s co-Lord) and a strong work ethic that first well her locomotive temperament type.