Milo Yiannopoulos was born Milo Hanrahan in Kent in 1984 and grew up in a financially comfortable  family. He adopted his  maternal Greek grandmother’s surname; Milo in Greek means soldier.

On Twitter, before he was permanently banned last July, he operated as @nero. After dropping out of two universities – Manchester and Cambridge – he wrote for the Catholic Herald and covered technology for the Daily Telegraph.

On the Telegraph’s blog pages, under editor Damian Thompson, he became a professional troll and then moved onto Breitbart.

1984.pngThis birth time was discovered by Samantha Lynn who got it directly from her interview with Milo.  Kudos!

                                                 The Stars of Milo

His ascendant is 14 Leo, a degree that E. C. Matthews, calls a mystical gambler that is his own best “publicist.”  Roger Babson (previously profiled)  has that as his Uranus,  and inventor Thos. Edison as his Midheaven; both men were good at making a name for themselves so Yiannopoulos is in good stead.

His midheaven is conjunct the fixed star Al Pherg & in a critical cardinal degree.  In  medieval Italy it was associated with the Urn of Aquarius at the tail of Cetus, the Grecian sea monster.

603px-Cassiopeia_IAU.svg.pngIn the myth, Princess Andromeda was sacrificed to the monster (a whale)  as punishment for her mother Cassiopeia’s boastfulness that she was lovelier than the Nereids (mermaids), or Hera herself. The goddesses complained to Poseidon who dispatched a sea monster to ravage the coast. The king and queen were ordered to sacrifice their daughter to appease the great sea god, and would have  had but Perseus intervened hearing of the maiden’s plight and killed the monster instead. As a reward, the hero was wedded to the lovely Andromeda.  The constellations commemorate that heroic deed.

milo on milo
Milo the low key introvert.

Thus, Al Pherg is symbolic of Perseus’s  desire to always be searching for the latest big thing — his new quest to conquer and is beneficial for detectives and writers. All  of this seems fine, but the problem is, that despite Milo’s confession to Samantha Lynn, the chart is a northern based deviated bowl, making Milo a selfless introvert.    We think,  like many astrology sharp people, he flipped the time — from 12:50 PM to 12:50 AM to throw us off the trail.

milo in the afternoon
Our take.  Still a deviated bowl but now Southern based for the public Milo.

We will discuss the proposed chart in another essay.  In the meantime, let us know which you prefer and why.  Thanks.

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