George Sanders was many things, the original Saint and the ever popular Gay Falcon.  Both were Hollywood series long before there was televsion.  Sander was born on July 3, 1906 in Saint Petersburg, Russia.  He was twelve years old when the Russian Revolution came around, and his family fled to England supporting his Moon inconjunct his Sun suggesting “sudden home upsets.”

 His parents were Henry Peter  Sanders (1868–1960), and Margarethe Sanders (née Kolbe; 1883–1967) both also born in the city.  She was of Estonian-German parentage and her husband the bastard son a prince of the House of Oldenburg who had an affair with a lesser duchess while married to a sister of the Czar.  The actor Tom Conway (1904–1967) was George Sanders’s elder brother; their sister Margaret was the youngest born in 1912.

george sanders

                                                                                   Almost Prince


Sanders chart supports that belief because of the South Node in the fifth house and Uranus in the fourth, so the 1990 biography is true.  He was an exquisite actor in many roles from Rebecca to the Falcon to the movie serial the Saint — that Uranus in the fourth opposite his Sun in the tenth suggests that his decision, like many actors who forewent television, it was a mistake not to reprise his role.  His point focus at Saturn on the seventh house cusp, suggests that he too traditional to make that break, and so Roger Moore got that chance to be Simon Templar despite his miserable few years in the television show, Maverick (replacing Jim Garner who went on to movies and The Great Escape).

Sanders was married several times, twice to Gabor sisters.  None of these marriages worked because despite his caddish character on the screen, he was a romantic and swayed by opportunistic gold-diggers.  As his chart is a see-saw (hourglass) this swaying was intrinsic to his personality — the bulk of his planets are in the tenth and eleventh houses supporting his strong ambition and concern for his image, but the other part, spread out in the northern hemisphere shows his weak spots:  the moon in the third and his various talents in writing, singing and acting, the fourth his birth and inability to capitalize on new technologies, and the sixth that creates the Line of motivation and binds the upper and lower halves by his work ethic (Saturn to Jupiter trine).

Alas it is that Saturn on the seventh house cusp that was also his nemesis, as it shows a depressive outlook if his work-marriage decisions did not pan out and sextile the Part of Spirit in the eighth led to his suicide on April 25, 1972 in Spain from barbiturate poisoning and finally validating the symbol of his Ascendant as a “large public building the flag breezily flies at half mast.”  It suggests that the appreciation of his work is hailed even after his death as it gives a common sustainment for the human emotion.

His autobiography is here.