Everett Sloane was in many movies in his career but he is best known as Mr. Bernstein in Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane. He was the eldest of three children born to Nathaniel Isadore Sloane, an insurance broker and cotton merchant, and Rose Gerstein, born on October 1, 1909. We have rectified his ascendant to 14 Libra for a birth time of 6:26 AM in Manhattan, New York City.

He started out as a Wall Street “runner” working at $17 a week and did well, but the stock market crash of 1929 ended that career and so he turned to radio. From there, he got some Broadway parts and was sighted by Welles and invited over to Mercury Theatre where his career took off.  He married Lillian Herman (1912-1989) in 1933 and had two children, Nathaniel and Erika. He committed suicide by barbiturate poisoning on August 6, 1965.
everett sloane

                                                 The Map of Sloane

Mr. Sloane is a Splash temperament type, giving him a mutable — people oriented — disposition despite his Cardinal Grand Cross and his lack of conjunctions in his chart.  His Ascendant at 14 Libra makes him a great imitator (on radio he played Adolf Hitler) particularly for political figures (Vesta in the third house).

Neptune in the Tenth highlights how his eventual career while by on the silvery screen particularly as it is opposite Uranus in the fourth, the ruler of the tenth house, suggesting that colour may not be his forte as much as black and white.  This is supported by Saturn in the seventh house, also suggesting that he may play older or harsh characters.  It is rather ironic that Mercury in Libra is in the first house, as he made his name in the Mercury Theatre.sloane suicide.png

We tied his suicide up with his sixth house of work and labour where Mars at 29 Pisces near the cusp on the seventh house, and semi sextile Capricorn, how important his work was to him.

download the Everett Sloane chart here.

The only asteroid-planet that points to his problem with eyesight is Apollon at 25 Leo in the eleventh  inconjunct Saturn in Aries, suggesting that ageing will would be difficult for him, especially as Apollon is sextile Mercury at 28 Libra in the first.



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