Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s  home district, is the Californian 23rd District of California, that spans Kern, Tulare, and Los Angeles counties.  His official website is here.We have rectified the birthtime of  Kevin McCarthy, Congressman of California, to 1:46 AM or 9:46 GMT on January 26th, 1965 in Bakersfield. A native Californian, he has lived his whole life in Bakersfield, Ca, went to California State College there and continued living there with his family. showing his respect for tradition as showed by his Ascendant in the twelfth house (Morinus-Zariel method).   His grandfather was a cattleman and his father a fireman.  The Congressman is the first Republican in his family, is of Irish descent and a Baptist Christian.  He and his wife Judy have two children, Meghan and Connor.

We have reviewed and revised his chart and now put him at 23 Scorpio that gets him the image of a “little white rabbit content in his cage.  Before one’s eyes he metamorphoses into an elf in a fairy glade.”  We think that this Symbol is accurate because before running and going to Congress, McCarthy never left his hometown for any extended period going to University of California –  Bakersfield (his home town)  for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees.

                                                    McCarthy’s Astrological Disposition

McCarthy is heavily common based, and with a Grand Cross in his map, he has a Cardinal Negative disposition that Marc Jones describes as someone who is caught between the “desire to win and hold popular approval” while still being true to his underlying beliefs.  Jones give examples of Harry Houdini and Jeddu Krishnamurti, as two personalities that were similarly focused.

The Congressman has two partile aspects, one in his tenth house between the Part of Spirit and Uranus and another in his third between Venus and Mercury, making him charming and gregarious.  His Jupiter in Taurus in the sixth is the handle of his bucket, and while the sixth house is naturally well aspected, because of its distance to the Ascendant, Jupiter being trine to its house ruler, Venus in the second, does mitigate some of those problems, encouraging him to be devoted, hard working and generous with his time and resources.

McCarthy’s chart progressed to Friday, April 13, 2018

The major obstacle in doing this rectification was how little information we could find on the man who could be the next speaker of the US House of Representative under President Donald Trump.  It leaves a vacuum that makes rectification hard because of lack of supporting dates and events in his life.  An example is his Mars going retrograde at three years of age, but there is nothing out there that tells us what event could have affected him.  My guess is that his grandfather died, but like I said, it’s aguess.

He has an earth emphasis generated by grand cross but no squares.  McCarthy is a Jupiter bucket with no rim opposition, and one would expect his Line of Motivation to be in aspect, but it is not as it is shy a sextile from 04 Pisces in the fourth to Jupiter at 17 in Taurus in the sixth.  We could alter this and give wide orbs, I would prefer to say he has a loose destiny as defined by no aspect between the two, and that he is a man of his own creation instead of one pigeonholed from birth to what he is now.

This graph shows the importance of California

Kevin McCarthy can make things happen, that shows up his deep understanding  with what needs to be done:  his Mars, Mercury and Venus are all in the same quadrature (element) giving his great dynamic focus.  One can attest to this by his ability to raise funds from the corporate sector.    But in a world of idealogues, McCarthy is agnostic.

There has been only one  Speaker who became President, James Polk, the eleventh president,  and that was about 180 years ago, so to jump from Speaker to President is not often done, mainly because he is so tied to his party’s politics.  To overcome that, McCarthy’ would have to be very committed to that goal by convincing the American public of his trustworthiness, and diligence,   His focal determinator, Jupiter,  has the symbol of Taurus 17 degrees., “An ideological battle between swords and torches:  the disciples of might versus the disciples of light,” and requires more fixity of purpose than his mutable chart shows, but as another California admonished,  “sell no wine before its time.”

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