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Marc Jones in his list of nativities, places Miss May Allison #32.  The data he gives is Riding Farm, Georgia  June 14, 1897 at 11.29 am.  Checking that we discovered that the real data should be Rising Fawn, Georgia June 14, 1890.  She died March 27, 1989 at Bratenahl, Ohio — her second husband’s hometown —  but she had retired from pictures long before then.

She and Harold Lockwood were the first Hollywood duet, a theme that caught on with the public so strongly that after Mr. Lockwood’s death, from the Spanish flu in 1918, they found other pairs to continue the trend:  Cagney and Lacey, Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy,  Kristen Stewart & Jesse Eisenberg, Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks, Kate Hudson & Matthew McConaughey, Helena Bonham Carter & Johnny Depp, & of course Lauren Bacall & Humphrey Bogart.  In Miss Allison’s case, after Lockwood’s death, her career was over because as a solo act, there was no interest.

                                          What makes a Volcano tick?

Usually we do a person’s life and see how the chart supports that, but in Allison’s case that does not really work, as her career was short and then she vanished, so we decided upon a different tack:  was there anything in her map to let us know that she was the lesser half of a pair?  We found that her map, adding in TransNeptunians, gave us the answer.

Miss Allison has 17 Virgo as her Ascendant, a symbol of a “vast display of cosmic forces erupting from a volcano,” and suggests the creative force bursting forth from within because of something external giving it momentum.a   A volcano according to the USGS (United States Geological Survey)  is any place on a planet where some material from the inside of the planet makes its way through to the planet’s surface because of plate tectonics: i.e. the friction of two strong geological forms hitting against one another.


For Miss Allison that was her acting, that sprang forth of its reaction to Harold Lockwood — a major heart throb at the time.  But  unlike Bogart and Bacall they did not marry but were just working associates like Ryan and Hanks.May Allison

                                                       Watching  the Volcano

The first piece of Allison’s career happens in the tenth house with the North Node square Admetus, the TransNeptunian planet, that suggests that her success in life (NN) will be contingent upon a stronger personality (Admetus).  Kronos, also a TransNeptunian, in the seventh house of partnerships and opportunities is squared Zeus in the tenth house where we find that it is the strong dynamic of another that will create her opportunities, but it also suggests that this will make her dependent upon him for continued success.  Finally, the South Node square Saturn in the twelfth house hints that there could be concomitant financial loss from this breakup unless, she uses her fame by finding a well-heeled fan.

Miss Allison first married James Quirk in 1926, who was publisher of the fanzine Photoplay Magazine, a leading publication in its field, but died in August 1932. In a separate note, it was Quirk who introduced Joe Kennedy to Hollywood and Gloria Swanson.

Then in 1934, broke and penniless, Carl Norton Osborne (born 13 April 1885 Wooster, Ohio to May 4, 1982) sped up his divorce and in March 1934 eloped with May to Elkton, Maryland.  May by then was about forty-four, her beau almost 50, but he was totally enamored of her and made her the belle of Cleveland society where he was king because of his factory.  Once again Miss Allison was the prettier half of a dynamic duo.¹



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