The IT Girl and Rex Bell

Clara Bow and Rex Bell became an “item” in Hollywood and since she was a major star and he a little no body in Westerns, the pair eloped, tieing the knot on December 3, 1931 in Las Vegas. They settled down on a large ranch in Searchlight, Nevada shortly thereafter and while Clara starred in a few talkies, because of her strong Brooklyn accent, she was petrified of them and opted to retire from the screen leaving hubby Rex to travel between the California studios and their Nevada home. As time went on Rex got more involved in business and Nevada politics and they sold the ranch.

Born George Francis Beldam on  October 16, 1903 in Chicago, Rex Bell was a Hollywood “name,” but he liked it and kept it.  The Bedlam family migrated west after World War I looking for better opportunities first to Iowa and then California.  More information on this cowboy can be found at the vintage Western site, OK Corral, here.


rex bell sr..png

We rectified Mr. Bell to 21 Libra, see the chart above, giving him a sunrise birth chart.  His map highlights that he travelled for his film career, not only first from Iowa but also between his Nevada ranch and family, to Los Angeles for work.  His seventh house  cusp is 25 Aries and its lord is found right between his Part of Fortune and Uranus in the second house, perhaps hinting how his charm won Miss Bow and his fans.

Mercury is in the twelfth house, depicting how Westerns were low on conversation but with the his Sun there as well, high on strong action and willfulness.  The square between Venus and Mars indicates how Westerns and Nevadan politics later on,  worked well to his advantage — snap decisions, short term objectives and a high energy level all suit those professions well.  It is not too hard to see how “elopement” worked into that picture either.

Mr Bell and Miss Bow remained married for 31 years until his demise on July 4, 1962 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  They had two children, Rex and George, both who followed their father in the Western Hollywood tradition.  Miss Bow passed in September 27, 1965 in Hollywood.

the synastry between Bell and Bow






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