Mrs. Donald Trump, jr — Vanessa Haydon Trump

vanessa and melaniaWe have rectified Mrs. Trump from 12 noon to 10:08 AM giving her a 13 Aquarius ascendant.  Looking at her natal and current transits, we can see that there is a lot of social pressure for her divorce request — this is most likely her own family who are not Trump supporters   — see the strong second house activity quincunx her Saturn in the seventh — who are openly using their “fears” for her safety after last month’s “arsenic” scare to destroy her family.  Her native tenth house is trine this, and being a bit of an opportunist, she takes their comments to heart.


It is rather odd that a woman with 5 children has nothing in her fourth house, but plenty in the tenth.  Another striking thing is her native Mars in Leo is opposite her ascendant with the point focus in the ninth at Libra in Scorpio highlighting how she weaponizes her faith and maternal duty.

The chart below shows this clearly in pink as it is just hers alone, and also highlights her Cardinal Cosmic Cross in the fixed houses telling us that when she makes up her mind, she does not change it and she really does believe that her life and those of her children are at risk as the Moon is in her natural second that the transits are amplifying.

vanessa trump.png

All of this makes us wonder about the perfect timiing of the attack as it seems to have shown up at the right time in her life when she was also the unhappiest.  We wish her and the children the best..  You can download the natal only Vanessa Trump  here.

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