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Marc Jones states that she was a tennis player in the Sabian Symbols.  His time is generally accepted, so our chart here agrees.  She was the daughter of William Ewart Berry, 1st Viscount Camrose and Mary Agnes, Viscountess Camrose and married Frederick Winston Furneaux Smith, 2nd Earl of Birkenhead.


She is a southern hemisphere bowl type that spans from Jupiter in Neptune in the first that hints at her own secretive literary career of biographies — Neptune showing up how she dug up information to learn about otherfamous people to obviously understand her own very public life and opposite Jupiter here does not suggest multiple marriages as much as multiple “imaginary lives” that she lived and created through her work as the point focus is Mercury, Aries 17 in the tenth house.  Also there in the tenth is Luna telling us she led a public life and was well respected, but that squared Jove in the seventh, it put strains on her marriage.

Typically Venus in Aries denotes someone who married young, but here Venus at 30º is right at the end of that sign, and so is tempered; Lady Birkenhead was 23 at her nupitals. Another misstatement about someone with a preponderenace of Arian planets like Lady Birkenhead is red hair or a big nose. But instead, that prepondereance should be seen as a signature of the person, for

“In astrology the signatures are of first importance. Aries as a sign of the zodiac is not a constellation that by some vague indefinable radiation of influence is apt to create a child with red hair and a big nose but is an occult’ signature of being marked in the heavens by the stars at the time of charting clustered in the thirty degrees immediately following the vernal equinox in the ecliptic.

All things everywhere are significant.

In occult philosophy every classification of phenomena and every tabulation of knowledge is based upon signatures. Form and fact provide the patterns and perspectives through which signatures are recognized.”

Marc Edmund Jones, “Occult Philosophy”

Some of her books can be found on Marc Jones’ Occult Philosophy can be found here for purchase.