No. 14 — Uranus

Now we come to Uranus, the fourteenth point.  It is is the planet of recreation and of independence. In Teddy Roosevelt’s chart it  is in the house of self-expression (fifth), the sign of vivification (Gemini), and in import. The symbolical degree (Gemini 3) reads: “An etching of rare beauty displays a charming vista of court life at the garden of the Tuileries, under Louis XIV.”  It the formalization of collective ideals through the application of reason and order to discovered aspects of nature. 

The gardens of the Tuileries and Versailles are typical representations of the classical spirit and its need for order and symmetry. The reign of the French king, Louis XIV, followed the Renaissance, which was filled with the excitement of a new spirit of discovery during a period of internal troubles.

This is a symbol is of the genuine aristocracy of human kind, the effort to exercise gracefully and exquisitely the full capabilities of individual being. We all have the unquenchable urge to “absolute self- perfection,” and left unchecked it becomes formalistic and rigid.  Here this degree is freed from those constraints and instead because  great self-renewing dynamic through physical exercise.

Our header image of the garden of the Tuileries in Paris France as viewed from the Eiffel tower.