Sir Daniel Day-Lewis has announced that his final act will be with the “Phantom Thread.”  He discusses this with the Greek Reporter in Athens.


Mr and Mrs Day-Lewis

Day-Lewis is married to Rebecca Miller.  They have two sons, Cashel and Ronan and have been married 22 years meeting on the set of the Crucible, the famous play by her father, Arthur Miller.  Sir Daniel has another son Gabriel, from his relationship with French actress, Isabel Adjani.

daniel day lewis.png
Daniel Day Lewis natal


progressed day.png

2015 shot of the Day-Lewises

It would seem that this timing coincides with his Second saturn return as the progressed chart shows his ascendant’s lord in the eighth house of death which overlayed to his natal gives us an square showing the crrentl tension in his life and the need to do something new.  His ascendant concurs as it is also in the Eighth House of Sagittarius squared his Uranus and Mars giving him a strong need to express himself.


Gabriel Day-Lewis and Sir Daniel

Saturn is strong in his naturn chart, not only his ascendant but the handle of his bucket composition giving him a strong focal determinator there that directs his actions in unprovoked  ways.  It does make him suspicious of “outsiders” so that his lack of disclosure about his reasons is not out of character — he prefers to keep the world at arm’s length and since he has a many planets in the Northern hemisphere, despite his acting, he is an introverted person.  This is not uncommon in performers, Jack Benny, & Carol Burnett both had this setup in their natal charts though in neither case would have any one guessed.

His Neptune is conjunct his midheaven and opposite his Sun ensuring that whatever his next act is, it will be one that shows his depicts his social obligation in profound and “mystical” ways.

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